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We need a T-Shirt!

Do you know what I think the polymer-clay-afflicted among us need? A
t-shirt. Something funny that says “yes, I am totally taken in by this
stuff and I don’t know how to put it down!” I want a t-shirt like this.
Or a coffee mug. Or a tote bag. Or maybe all three. The problem is, I
can’t come up with something spiffy enough to get my point across with
style and humor.

So… I turn to you, my creative friends! You are hereby invited to take part in the Polka Dot Creations Polymer Clay Enthusiast’s Logo Art Contest!

The prize is a $25 gift certificate to Polka Dot Creations,
which is pretty cool, but WAY cooler is your logo on t-shirts, mugs,
tote bags, mouse pads, and calendars in the homes of hundreds of your
fellow polymer clay artists and crafters (I almost said “nut cases” but
I didn’t want to insult anybody).

Spend some time thinking about how YOU would advertise to the world,
“yes, I have three pasta machines, and not one of them has ever been
used for food” with wit and style. Then send your idea to me! Wouldn’t
it be neat to see half of the room wearing your brilliant logo at your
next polymer clay guild meeting?



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