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New Polymer Clay Publications for August

New Polymer Clay Publications for Last Month

Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay


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Dean, Irene

Softcover Book (Lark Books, 2005)

144 pages
List Price:


New in paperback:
The colors, textures, and versatility of polymer clay make it a perfect
medium for creating faux surfaces. These 30 recipes for special
finishing, shaping, baking, and molding techniques will magically
transform polymer’s appearance. Craft gorgeous faux gemstones,
including tiger eye, jade, or malachite. Fool the eye with imitation

metals: pewter, Balinese silver, verdigris copper, even rusted steel.
The must-have naturals are here, from bone to leather. Or make
simulated agate, slate, or marble. You’ll find information on all the
types of polymer clay, from translucent ones to some with mica powder,
and see how to use paints, inks, wax compounds, and confetti to enhance
the surface. Among the unusual projects: a handsome makeup set, lapis
lazuli drawer pulls, Opal Earrings, and more.


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Dean, Irene

Softcover Book (Lark Books, 2005)

112 pages
List Price:


New in Paperback:
Polymer clay is the perfect material for youngsters; in addition to
polymer’s pliability, it doesn’t dry out like regular clay, comes in a
range of bright colors, and can bake in an ordinary oven. And the most
important tools are your hands, so children can really dig in and feel
the tactile joy of manipulating their work. With the help of a renowned
polymer clay artist, kids can create 30 awesome objects. A
comprehensive basics section covers everything from rolling, cutting,
and sculpting to figuring out amounts, conditioning the clay, mixing
new colors, and creating textures. Kids will really love the cool
tricks, too, including marbling and embedding objects. But what will
really stir their creative juices are the really super projects,
including a Donut Pendant, Bug Magnets, Trinket Bowl and Plant
Critters. all in color


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Marshall, Ellen

Softcover Book (Quarry, 2005)

128 pages
List Price:


More than 100 recipes and variations for decorative surface treatments!
Regardless of your level of experience with polymer clay, the
techniques for creating unique surface designs by combining clay with
other media will inspire creativity. As well as covering basic polymer
clay techniques, tools, and materials, this book focuses on unique
surface embellishments. Styled as a recipe book, each illustrated
surface design is shown with complete instructions for replicating the
design and is accompanied by three variations. Informative explanations
of specific inks, paints, and powders are included, along with a
section dedicated to showing complex design combinations. This book
covers a range of topical application processes that include stamoing,
painting, and writing on clay along with step-by-step project ideas
that put these techniques to use. A gallery of polymer clay art is
included for further inspiration.


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Pavelka, Lisa

Softcover Book (North Light Books, 2005)

128 pages
List Price:


This award-winning polymer clay artist and author gives readers a guide
to memorable, unique gifts that don’t require time-consuming effort.
Quick & Easy Gifts in Polymer Clay offers: 25 step-by-step projects
rated by time, allowing crafters to easily find a project that fits
their schedule A wide variety of gift ideas, from home decor and
jewellery to bookmarks and address books Special sections filled with
tips & suggestions from some of the best and brightest artists
working in polymer clay A helpful “getting started” introduction to
polymer clay With the tips in Quick & Easy Gifts in Polymer Clay,
one day is all the time crafters need to create the perfect present.


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Kato, Donna

Softcover Book (Watson-Guptill)

List Price:


Donna signed these copies just for us. Hurry – the supply is limited!

Available in a tremendous array of colors and easily
cured by baking in a home oven, polymer clay is a unique medium for
creating a variety of beautiful items. In The Art of Polymer Clay,
noted artist Donna Kato explains the basics as well as many unusual
techniques, including imitative methods that can be used to create the
look of semi-precious stones, woven fabric, carved wood, metal, and
realistic flowers. Kato’s sense of style and color is superb, and her
directions are clear and concise.


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Browning, Marie

Softcover Book (Sterling Publications, 2005)

96 pages
List Price:


Now in Paperback:
With easy-to-use polymer clay and these exciting projects kids can
experience the creative pride of making their own beautiful crafts.
Colorful photos show how to do it all, with the basics from safety to
supplies to techniques covered. Instructions explain how to condition
the clay, mix colors, use additives, and shape the polymer. There’s
even a special section to guide parents and teachers. The super-cool
effects youngsters can create include marbling, painting the clay, and
image transfer. Best of all, no kiln is required, because polymer
hardens in an ordinary oven. Everyone will have fun fashioning these
beads, jewelry (such as an African mask pin), imitation scrimshaw,
covered buttons, picture frames, game boards, and more.

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Friesen, Christi

Magazine (Primedia, 2005)

List Price:


This bi-monthly publication presents a plethora of projects for bead
lovers and bead makers. Of particular interest to polymer clay
enthusiasts in this issue:

“Mini Masks: Polymer Personalities” by Christi Friesen
“Bead Arts Award Winners 2005”
“Precious Findings: Metal Clay Toggle and Tube Beads” by Lora Hart
“Media Review: Marvelous Mica Clay and Ghost Imaging with Grant Diffendaffer” by Martha Aleo


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Kimle, Patricia and holt, syndee and Jankowicz, Sharon and Jankowicz,

Magazine (All American Crafts, 2005)

List Price:


Bead Unique magazine showcases how beads can accent every aspect of our
lives. Start with beaded jewelry, altered embellishments, and home
decor. Sprinkle in a few adorned textiles, creative threads, and
jeweled fashions to find just the right project or interest for you!
Articles feature innovative, original projects for all levels of
expertise, from beginner to advanced. Of particular interest to polymer
clay enthusiasts in this issue:

“Wedgwood Salute” by Patricia Kimle
“Circle Bracelets” by syndee holt
“Elegant Verdigris Picture Frame” [air dry clay] by Sharon & Kristin Jankowicz


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Berkowitz, Susan and Muronaka, Cassy and Norden, Inga

Magazine (Miller Magazines, 2005)

List Price:


Jewelry Crafts is a bi-monthly publication full of projects and ideas
for bead and jewelry lovers.

Of particular interest to polymer clay enthusiasts in this issue:

“Faux That Looks ‘Found'” by Susan Berkowitz
“Bargello Pendant” by Cassy Muronaka
“Southwest Style” by Inga Norden


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holt, syndee and Kimle, Patricia

Magazine (Expression, 2005)

List Price:


Expression Magazine is an exciting publication devoted to rubber
stamping, polymer clay, and paper arts. Besides the regular “syn’s clay
table” column by syndee holt, there are often several projects
utilizing polymer clay. Of particular interest to clay artists in this
issue are the following articles:

“Clay Table: My Top Ten Techniques” by syndee holt
“In the Garden: Add a sprinkle of fresh foliage to your polymer clay” by Patricia Kimle


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Helm, Sarajane and Aldridge, Jo

Magazine (Stampington & Company, 2005)

List Price:


French for “beautiful wardrobe,” Belle Armoire marries fabric arts with
rubber stamping and embellishments showcasing one-of-a-kind, handmade
fashions and wearable-art projects. Whether you’re an art stamper,
embroidery artist, custom jewelry designer, fabric painter or knitting
and crocheting enthusiast, Belle Armoire provides the opportunity and
inspiration to create fashions that are uniquely you. This is a classy,
artistic publication that is a favorite of many polymer clay
enthusiasts, and even includes a regular “Polymer Clay Basics” section
for newcomers and a column entitled “The Professional Artist” by
polymer clay artist Sarajane Helm.

Of particular interest to clay enthusiasts in this issue:

“The Professional Artist: Writing an Effective Publicity Release” by Sarajane Helm
“Clay Arts: Faux Dichroic Glass Pendants” by Jo Aldridge
“Salon” where readers share their wearable art.


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Carlson, Maureen and Sherman, Christy and Calhoun, Debra and Lade,
McCartney and Gibson, Gwen and Van Son, Ria and Passy-Yip, Regina and
Del Pinto, Maria and Breil, Helen

Magazine (PolymerCAFE, 2005)

List Price:


PolymerCAFE is a full-color quarterly print magazine dedicated to
providing news, instruction, and events to hobbyists and enthusiasts in
the world of polymer clay. The magazine contains columns that range
from beginner’s instruction to professional level craft and business
information. Other article types include how-to, profiles of polymer
clay artists, hints and tips, children’s, and product reviews.

Featured in this issue:

“Push Molds: Possibilities” by Maureen Carlson
“Tibetan Turquoise Cane” by Christy Sherman
“Faux Wood and Ivory Transfer” by Debra Calhoun
“Lightning Cane Beads” by McCartney Lade
“Dyed Beads” by Gwen Gibson
“Mokume Gane Beads” by Ria Van Son
“Mini Sushi/Sashimi” by Regina Passy-Yip
“Mardi Gras Mask Pins” by Maria Del Pinto
“Shades of Clay” by Helen Breil


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Carlson, Maureen

Full Color Project Book (Design Originals, SEP 05)

20 pages
List Price:


In this book, you’ll learn techniques for using a pasta machine with
polymer clay that include Basic Skinner Blend, Skinner Cane, Skinner
Loaf, several Stripes, Jelly Rolls, Checkerboards, Nine-Patch designs,
Mokume Gane, Marbling, and Watercolor mixing. Exciting color and
pattern variations of each technique are shown in order to stimulate
your imagination and encourage experimentation.

Pasta machines are terrific tools for making more than just pasta!
The pasta machine allows you to easily blend clay to create stripes and
intricate patterns for making unique beads, embellishments and baubles.


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