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The Big Button Challenge Vote!

Big Button Challenge

I’ve truly enjoyed seeing the creative places that these ten artsy ladies have taken my buttons – I hope you have, too, and I hope you have wandered over to their blogs or websites. Many of them inspire me on a regular basis with their beautiful handiwork.

Button challenge

I don’t envy you, having to choose a winner, but that’s what it has come down to at this point!  One lucky Challenge winner will get a $25 gift certificate to her choice of Polka Dot Cottage, Polka Dot Creations, or

There’s also a handmade button to be won by a lucky voter.  To qualify for that, simply leave a comment on this post after you’ve voted.  No need to tell us who you voted for, though – that can be your little secret.

Before you vote, let me refresh your memory:

All 10 Big Button Challenge entries

  1. Penny’s Bag
  2. Stephanie’s Card
  3. Tala’s Book
  4. Linda’s Yarn Cozy
  5. Beth’s Jewelry Set
  6. Nikki’s Wall Hanging
  7. Kashoan’s Bag
  8. Sarah’s Pillow
  9. Erin’s French Press Cozy
  10. Emma’s Brooch

You may also want to read a little background on the contest, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Ready?! On with the vote!

Polls close in one week, Tuesday May 19th at 11:59pm, Eastern Daylight Time.  Invite your friends to come by and vote, too – the more the merrier!  Thanks for playing!

71 thoughts on “The Big Button Challenge Vote!

  1. Love your site and all the work the girls did for your challenge. Great work and hard to vote on.


  2. I just voted and it was really hard to choose! These guys are all so talented, there were at least 3 projects I wanted to vote for.

  3. Really amazing entries and buttons too! Inspiring.

    See what Kristin has been blogging about: Caterpillar

  4. So many amazing creations! It was so hard to pick a favorite!

    See what Fuji Mama has been blogging about: Tantalize your tastebuds with homemade Chili Garlic Paste

  5. I’ve been watching the Big Button posts, but it was really fun to see them all together. What wonderful creativity!

    And, I love the beach blanket. I don’t know how you find the energy and the time to keep all of these projects going, but keep it up!

    See what Wendy McManus has been blogging about: Going Back to School

  6. What a great idea! Your buttons are beautiful… I voted & found it hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for a really fun blog!

  7. I voted. What a fun contest!

  8. Very hard to pick just one, but finally settled on one. What a neat contest and such creative ideas. And LOVE your buttons.

  9. Cute buttons!!! It was hard to vote but I did.

    See what Amanda R. has been blogging about: Little House in the Suburbs

  10. your buttons are really cute

  11. Wow! Those are some talented ladies you’ve got participating. It was a real tough call for me. I think it would have been easier to pick out my favorite one of your buttons…Nah!

    See what Hope has been blogging about: A Wok on the Not-So-Wild Side (TT)

  12. uh oh! it looks very close. you might have to have some part in the say after all.

    See what gerri has been blogging about: photography class and baseball knitting

  13. they all look great, but i had to pick one 🙂

  14. I loved seeing all the creative ways buttons were used in these projects. It was a hard choice, but I did cast my vote.

    I hope you do something like this again.

    I’m going to see if some of my friends want to do our own button challenge.

    See what Susan has been blogging about: Announcing

  15. buttons are gorgeous! i’d pick them all if i could!

  16. voted!!!!

    See what earthmama has been blogging about: almost two

  17. lovely

  18. I love the button on Penny’s bag.

  19. That was a tough vote!

  20. […] other news, voting for the previously-mentioned button challenge is up! (And nearly over- what can I say, finals left me lagging.) I’m not going to tell you to vote […]

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