Pillowcase party

I’ve been thrifting.  Did remarkably well, too.  I usually don’t find much, but my luck has gotten better and better since a new thrift store opened up nearby.  This weekend, I found twelve pillowcases, four sheets, and two duvet covers that needed, yes, needed to belong to my fabric stash.  I’m going to have to find a bigger stash bin, I think…

I’ve already put three of the pillowcases to good use, and if I were skinnier, I guarantee you a fourth one would have become a lightweight summer shirt for me, as it is dang hot here today.

Here’s what I did make out of them:

Before and after

First up, a sundress for our friend who celebrated her 7th birthday yesterday.

Pillowcase dress detail

These are so easy to make. The first time I made one of these, I used store-bought bias tape, but I’ve since gotten pretty good at making my own and decided to make the ties match the rest of the dress.  Very happy with the way it came out, and the birthday girl seemed to like it.

The other two pillowcases went to my boys.

Pillowcase pants

Two pairs of pajama pants.  From a pillowcase, can you believe it? I found three of these particular pillowcases, along with a matching duvet cover that features a contrasting print on the reverse.  It’s a Pottery Barn Kids set, and I’m sure it’s going to see more action around here.  Maybe I’ll make some space-themed pajama pants for me and Neil, too.

Pillowcase pants

These pants are even more simple than the dress to put together.  Just take apart the three closed sides of the pillowcase, and sew it up just as you would for bandana pants.  Piece of cake, and if you align it properly, you can use the original hemmed opening of the pillowcase as the pant cuff.

Nine remaining pillowcases out of 12

Ah, such cheap fun!  Here are a few additional resources, if you’d like to get in on the action:

Happy Sunday, happy weekend, and happy thrifting!

17 thoughts on “Pillowcase party

  1. What a great idea! I love finding things like that at the thrift store. Im thinking about using the shorts pattern for my girl. I am currently taking pictures of my project as we speak. Hopefully I will blog tonight.

    See what Kashoan has been blogging about: My own current issues

    • I would just add one caution to that, since I just discovered it myself last night: For older kids, you might want to increase that 10-inch cut by an inch or so. My 9-year-old’s new pj’s gave him a wedgie…

    • I hate to give away my new, fabulous secret source, but I’ll tell you anyway 😀 I’ve been going to Unique Thrift Store on Route 22 in Watchung. Apparently there are a few other locations of that store around, too, but I haven’t checked them out.

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  3. so. i stumbled on to your blog via an a-line skirt search. love it! and i made used your retro bedsheet skirt tutorial + an a-line skirt pattern that called for a zipper…and made THE cutest elastic a-line skirt–lined–in about 2 hours. (i’m slow)


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  6. i just had a pillowcase party too, all dresses. i wan tto make the pinafore in the re-purposed pillowcase book, love it!
    p.s. awesome thrift finds, and wonderful blog.
    .-= See jen’s latest blog post: stuffed =-.

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