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Bandana Day

Bandana Pants

I ordered a bunch of bandanas off of eBay so that I could try this great tutorial from Stefani/Blue Yonder.  All you need is two matching bandanas to make a pair of easy, inexpensive play shorts/pants.  My boys seem to go through clothes very quickly in the summer – I’m always in search of a clean pair of pants for them when we have to go somewhere.  So, these seemed like the perfect solution.  They can pretty much live in these all day, sleep in them all night, dirty them up however they want, and their nicer shorts will still be handy when we want to look less like hobos 😉

Bandana PantsBandana Pants

So, I let them choose their favorite colors, and made each boy a first pair.  Interestingly enough, my skinny 8-year-old’s waist measurement is the same as my somewhat-less skinny 5-year-old’s, so theoretically they can wear each other’s bandana pants and I don’t have to keep track of whose is whose.  Nice bonus.

Bandana PantsBandana Pants

They love them, too.  I wasn’t sure what they’d think, but I suppose I shouldn’t have doubted it – they’ve never been known for their refined taste.  Wearing crazy bandanas on their legs made perfect sense to them.  Personally, I think they’re cute.

Bandana Pants

I made two more pairs for them after supper tonight, and I’ve still got four more pairs cut up and ready to go.  I’m thinking of going online and seeing if there are any Ultraman bandanas available.  They’d completely freak (in a good way) if I could make them Ultrapants…

Lily garden

In other news… Right now I’m doing my best not to be a wimp.  It’s after 9:00, the temperature, which has been mid-nineties all day, is now down to mid-eighties.  Humid, too.  It would be very easy to flip on the central air and cool the house down to 75 or so, but I’d like to not give in so easily.

I was very warm putting the kids to bed, but I came downstairs with a nice tall glass of ice cold water, the skimpiest clothes I could get away with in polite company, and a cool wash cloth to wear on my neck.  Five minutes of that was enough to be a big help.  I should be able to hang in there another few hours until the temps dip back into the seventies.  I’ve really got to fill up the kiddie pool tomorrow – dipping my feet in the cool water always feels so good!

And if I don’t do that, I’ll do what we used to do during my childhood on a hot day – go to the mall, LOL!


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “Bandana Day

  1. the bandanna pants are cute!

    And you’re a better woman than I. The air went on around 8. It was just entirely too hot. I had such high hopes when it wasn’t outrageously hot this morning that perhaps the weather forecasts might be wrong. No such luck.

    1. I managed to keep it off all day Saturday, but I wimped-out around 4:00 on Sunday. Today it was off all day until roughly the same time. I don’t really mind the heat all that much, but when everything in the house just feels sticky from the humidity? Ew. So I put on the AC to get rid of the humidity, but I have it set at around 78.

  2. I like the bandana shorts! They’re really cute! When you get a minute, check out this post because there’s a special section for you. 😉


  3. I have to say that I made these for my duaghter when she was 2 (she’s now8). Not only does she still wear them, but we would stop traffic everytime she wore them. I don’t know what it is/was about them, but people just love them. Just wait and see!

    1. My boys seem to be loving them. And I am finding them addictive to make! I bought more bandanas last night. I seem to be unstoppable, LOL!

  4. Love the shorts! Too cute. Oh, and my AC has been on all week, I have allergies, so no open windows to cool the place off. Stinks…

  5. Funny, a friend of mine just linked to this ultraman video:

    Ultraman vibes in the air? This is cute, safe for the kids, funny for those of us who used to watch ultraman when we were kids. . .

    1. We’ve seen that one – it’s a favorite around here!

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  9. For those of you doing summer sewing, here are 2 links: Skirts: Bandana Shorts: #craftsocial

  10. For those of you doing summer sewing, here are 2 links: Skirts: Bandana Shorts: #craftsocial

  11. […] of shorts, and the tutorial suggests that they will fit ages 4-10.  I’ve been making these since 2008 when my youngest was 5.  Now my oldest is 11, and they have worked nicely for all of those ages.  […]

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