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I’m tripping over magazines

We interrupt this blog to tell you the sad story of huddled masses of magazines, yearning to be free…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought it would be really fun to offer crafty magazines for sale on her website. And it was. For the first few years.

The thing about magazines is, they keep on coming. Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually – whatever the time period, they just. keep. coming.

I’ve emailed many of my suppliers and told them to start sending me fewer copies of each issue. I’ve made the decision to quit re-ordering back issues of certain titles. I’ve re-arranged the shelves several times over. But still…

There are magazines put away nicely where they belong, of course, but then there are also magazines on the floor in front of the shelves, magazines in boxes next to the shelves, magazines in boxes on the basement steps, even magazines in boxes on the family room floor, for crying out loud!


I’ve discounted almost every issue of every magazine waaaay down. In many cases, I’m offering them for less than I paid. See how desperate I am? Please. Buy some. Make space on my shelves. You’ll have my undying gratitude (and some cool reading material to boot!). A pile of crafty mags would be the perfect thing to have on the towel next to you at the beach, don’t you think?

And now back to our regularly-scheduled bloggy goodness.


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “I’m tripping over magazines

  1. Dear Lisa,
    I was wondering (after searching on your site) how much will be the shipping fees to France for 2 or 3 magazines ?
    I am sending my question here on your blog, as it is easier for me, hope I didn’t make a huge mistake =)
    Thanks a bunch for your answer.


    1. Hi, Didi. No, no mistake! Others may have the same question.

      If you put your magazines into the shopping cart, enter your country, and then press the “Add Shipping” button, it will tell you what the various shipping modes cost.

      However, if I can ship your magazines cheaper, using flat-rate Priority Mail envelopes, I always will do that. I will adjust your shipping costs before charging your credit card or invoicing your PayPal account.

      In this particular case, 2 or 3 magazines should easily fit in a flat-rate envelope, and the shipping would be $13, even if the shopping cart quotes you a higher price.

      I hope that makes sense! More information on shipping can be found here, although I have not updated it to reflect the recent postal increase.

  2. man you grovel well. I am very impressed Lisa 😀

    and man I am broke dang nabit. otherwise you might be sending some this way

  3. […] I’ve been processing orders in the “please help me get all of this stuff off of my shelves” sale […]

  4. Don’t expect any sympathy/empathy from me! I am a magazine-a-holic. And the worst part is, I had to pay retail unless I used my Michaels’ or A. C. Moore’s coupon for a discount. I get about ten subscriptions every month and buy at least ten more at the stores, but I am trying to buy only what I know I will use. It worked for two months, but I succumbed yesterday and came home with five magazines!!! I am not buying another one until every one I have is read or passed along to someone else.

    See what Jeanne Rhea has been blogging about: Ink paintings on Polymer Clay Pendants and Earrings

    1. Aw, c’mon, Jeanne, you know you want some! (See, I am not above dangling candy in front of an addict) 😀

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