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Drowned Rat


It’s not so much that I mind the headlice – sure all of the laundering, freezing, scorching, treatment-giving, and nit-picking etc. is a royal pain, but I can deal with that.

I don’t really even mind driving the kids to their two different schools to have them checked out by their nurses before being allowed back into class.

I’m even ok with the fact that our little “patient zero” is still too nitty to go back to school today.

What pushes me over the edge is the weather. Flood warnings and wind advisories. Thunder rumbling in the distance. And me, running in and out of schools and drug stores, kid or two in tow, becoming more of a drowned rat with every errand.

Oh, the joy of wet shoes and jeans, and having to change all of our clothes when we walk back in the front door.

I’m taking a coffee break before I have another scalp treatment to give – this time I’m unleashing the pesticides.

After that it’s one more run through the rain with the six-year-old, back to school for yet another head check, on the off chance that he can catch the last few hours of class.

The phrase “not worth the effort” comes to mind, as I sit here, sipping my coffee, in my comfy and dry sweatpants… what’s another day of school missed, anyway?


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Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Drowned Rat

  1. Went through this with mine in younger grades too!

    We don’t do rain so much but I do remember having to go back and forth in snow the one year. Bah!

    So yes, we missed a few extra days of classes.
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Getting 2010 On =-.

    1. I kept him home. I remembered half of his afternoon would be spent in Library anyway, so what was the point?

  2. UGH been there, done that bought the T-Shirt. It is a good place to be “from.”
    Be nice to yourself

    1. Heh. Maybe I need a t-shirt to make this all just another amusing memory 🙂

  3. I lucked out with the head lice thing. What a pain in the arse for you! You deserve a night on the town after everything settles down. Tell hubs I said so-sometimes they forget to say thanks!
    .-= See Marty’s latest blog post: Can’t They Get a Break? =-.

    1. Actually, he did an awful lot of the laundry, and he’s done all of the nit-picking over my own head, so maybe we need to take each other out. Somewhere very very clean, LOL!

  4. The pesticides are the way to go. I had a veterinarian friend who treated his kids with stuff you’re not even supposed to use on humans, that’s how desperate he was to get rid of the crawlies (they all survived fine). THEN you can still use the oil-gel based stuff to suffocate any survivors.

    N’s grade had it bad this year–like a third of the girls had it in the fall! But at least they’re not actually harmful–just itchy and annoying.
    .-= See Penny’s latest blog post: What I read in 2009 =-.

    1. It’s been making the rounds at Eamonn’s school for two years! Honestly, I’m surprised we didn’t get it sooner… If nothing else, it’s sparking fascinating topics of conversation such as, “if you had lice for five years, would there be so little wiggle room left on your head that you’d see them dropping off of you all the time?” Blech. Gotta love curious boys.

  5. Sounds very strict! There is no question of missing school here and the nit nurse is a thing of the past, no one at school would check heads! Di, UK

    1. My kids’ schools (particularly the younger one’s) do routine lice checks, and have a no-nit policy (meaning, if they find them, you can’t go to school that day.) My little one has been home since Thursday afternoon! My older son only missed Friday, thankfully, and was allowed back today. It’s a real pain in the neck.

  6. when my boys were young, I’d try it all and end up giving up and just shaved their heads. Worked every time LOL. Thank god I didn’t have girls.

    1. Haha, that’s my next course of action if this doesn’t work!

  7. I never had to deal with Lice (knock on wood) but a dear friend of mine did and it was a nightmare for her. I wanted to save her from those demon critters but there was not much I could do.
    .-= See Jackie@Lilolu’s latest blog post: Muse in My Yarn =-.

    1. I look at it as a rite of passage. Now that we’ve been through it once, we need never do it again! (I hope.)

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