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Upcycled Bag o’ Yarn

You may remember last year, when I bought the book  2-at-a-Time Socks and taught myself the method.  I actually still haven’t made a pair of socks.  I just wanted to know how to make two of anything at once, because goodness knows if I hadn’t, there would be an awful lot of mate-less wrist warmers […]

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Itty bitty sweater

I’m feeling less grumpy at the moment – it’s not too hot yet, and the humidity isn’t particularly oppressive, so I’m taking advantage of the ability to be outside.  It’s nice.  So, why don’t we go with this good mood while it lasts, and talk lightheartedly about sweaters? Sweaters, you ask?  Really? It’s been so […]

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What else is Saturday morning for?

If not mis-matched pajamas, Mommy-made wrist-warmers, and Wii? My 2-at-a-time experiment went well – I think it was probably a smart idea not to complicate the process of learning to work two items together by also trying to learn how to make socks at the same time.  At least for a newbie like me.  I […]

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If loving Malabrigo is wrong, I don’t want to be right

I’ve been eager to give the technique described in 2-at-a-time Socks a try.  Nevermind that I’ve never used a circular needle.  Nevermind that it’s November and I have 101 other places my creative energy should be channeled.  Nevermind that socks are not easy.  Nevermind all that. Practical matters somehow always end up pushed aside when […]

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