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What else is Saturday morning for?


If not mis-matched pajamas, Mommy-made wrist-warmers, and Wii?

My 2-at-a-time experiment went well – I think it was probably a smart idea not to complicate the process of learning to work two items together by also trying to learn how to make socks at the same time.  At least for a newbie like me.  I spent so much time getting my working yarns twisted up, I’d have been stressed-out by the process if I also had to worry about sock anatomy.

Fingerless Gloves for the little one

These are simply stockinette tubes with thumbholes, 34 stitches around, using Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the Deja Vu colorway.  They’re a great fit for my 6-year-old, and also my 9-year-old, who now wants his own pair.  Had I done it according to the book, I’d probably still be struggling with the cuff.

Oh, did I mention I haven’t learned how to purl on needles yet?  No?  Ah.  Well that does somewhat limit my choices, doesn’t it?  Purling is next on my knitting-to-learn agenda.  Maybe a pair of 2-at-a-time wrist-warmers for the 9-year-old in a ribbed pattern?

Fingerless Gloves for the little one

But first, I have a quilt to finish, and some ornaments to get started on (And, apparently, a work table to clean off, or neither of those things is going to happen)!

I love weekends.


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “What else is Saturday morning for?

  1. Eh, purling is overrated. But if you do want to learn, check out some of the videos at
    I’ve found that actually seeing the stitches in action, and how they’re formed, does help.

    Saturday here is for surfing & staying in pj’s as long as humanly possible.

    1. The videos on that site taught me the knit stitch and how to use DPNs, so I’m definitely headed back there for purling.

      And I’m still in my pj’s 🙂

  2. Those are lovely! I agree with Jenn. Purling is totally overrated. What is wrong with stockinette stitch in the round?
    .-= See Sarah Jackson’s latest blog post: baby knitting =-.

  3. purling is a little more tedious, but worth the effort. ribs, cables, just think of the possibilities! you made those wrist warmers really quickly!!
    .-= See gerri’s latest blog post: inspire journal page and seed stitch clutch =-.

  4. All knitting leaves me staring in mild awe. I still have to sit figure out the sewing machine yet before I move on to knitting…

    My Saturday was errands and beads. My Sunday will be ornaments and excavating the household from the layer of sediment it seems to accumulate!
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Weekend Whirlwind =-.

  5. love the mitts. Purling is so easy once you learn you will say that’s all there is too it.. Also to avoid chaos when knitting two at a time, use two balls of yarn and put them in there own project or ziploc bags that way they won’t get twisted. My lys taught me that when I did my two at a time socks. So now you must go for it and try those first pair of sock you will soon be addicted. I know have enough pairs for every day of the week and am still wanting more. My kids keep asking for some so I guess I need to spread the sock goodness.
    .-= See Janey’s latest blog post: Another Year =-.

  6. […] this year, and Eamonn’s is like mine, but smaller.  His didn’t need to match the fingerless mitts I made him, since he’s already lost one and can’t wear them anyway […]

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