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TWiP: The Quest to be Colorful

This Week in Pictures, Week 13, 2021

More Picture Nature photos this week, though it’s hard to be colorful in March in New Jersey.

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the little (and big!) moments I have captured all week. Most of these images are posted on Instagram, but others aren’t posted anywhere but here. Some days there may be no photos, and other days there may be multiples. It’s more laid back than the Project 365s of previous years. You can learn more here 🙂

Photos taken with 📷 (Canon EOS 80D) or 📱 (Samsung Galaxy S9).

TWiP Clips

Here’s a very short video, featuring 1.5-second moments from the week:


Day 6 – On the Road Again: We spent the afternoon at the Swamp. I am always the one behind the wheel, and didn’t feel comfortable trying to take a photo while driving, so I took a picture *of* the road, instead of *from* the road.

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I thought maybe I was done with this little ripple blanket, but Neil liked my idea that it could be made long enough to stretch across the bottom of the bed to keep our feet warm in winter. So I guess I am adding more stripes 🧶😁

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Day 7 – Blushing Beauty: There’s very little pink in my neighborhood right now. We’re still a few weeks away from an explosion of pink flowering trees. But I spotted these while giving the kid a driving lesson. My only regret was showing him where the horn was just before I got out of the car. The wise guy honked at me the whole time I was trying to get this shot 😜

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Happy mail day! This little skein of yarn from Alicia Paulson feels like spring to me.
Day 8 – One Thing After Another: I am really looking forward to the day when all of the buds on this tree explode into colorful and photogenic little flowers.

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Story for Monday


Day 9 – Another Side to the Story: I was pretty desperate today to avoid yet another brown square on my Instagram feed, but it’s difficult at this time of year. My neighborhood is on the verge of exploding into pinks and purples, but for now remains largely brown. My search for color was fruitless until I thought to look up. The big beautiful blue sky rarely disappoints 💙

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This was supposed to be a 100% from-stash blanket, but then I decided to make it a little bit longer than originally planned, and, well, it has outgrown my stash in a few key colors. I had no choice but to go yarn shopping 😁


Day 12 – Leafy Greens: The spinach in this Palak Aloo was once leafy 😁. Today is our 26th wedding anniversary, which almost always means Indian food 😋. (I know I missed Day 11. I’ll make it up tomorrow or this weekend…)

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Day 12 – The Strong Silent Type.

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Thanks for helping me celebrate the week! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Instagram ♥

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