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My teenager says I’m a hipster-wannabe

Quiet Time playlist by Lisa ClarkeIt seems wrong to post about a quiet/nighttime/bedtime playlist when the sun is (sort of) out and I’m actually listening to upbeat, energetic, morning music, but I’m doing it anyway because a) I have the time right now, and b) maybe you’ll read this at a more mellow time of day and it will be absolutely appropriate for you.

So here it is, my latest music collection: Quiet Time.

Weekend nights are sometimes challenging around here, sleep-wise. My kids have a standing Skype date with their circle of online friends on Saturday nights (and they usually hang out on Fridays, too) and it can get pretty rambunctious. Sometimes all of that ambient joyful noise keeps me awake, and so I made a little sleep-inducing playlist.

This one has been evolving for months, actually. It’s always been about an hour long, but I’ve often swapped out songs as I’d discover some were too loud, too energetic, or just felt wrong for this collection. I finally decided last week that it was time to stop fiddling and just commit to these tracks.

About the cover

Quiet Time playlist by Lisa ClarkeUsually when I make a playlist, I grab a photo from my archives. I can almost always find something appropriate. This time, though, I was stumped. I wanted something similar to the dreamy images I see on other sleep-inducing 8tracks playlists. When I told Aidan this, he said I was a hipster-wannabe. He says that like it’s an insult 😜

So for this cover, I grabbed a string of Christmas lights and put them up around my bed. I would have preferred white lights, but I didn’t want to have to dig through stuff in the attic to find them. I have my limits and these were handy. I lit a few candles, and snapped away.

I love the way the image came out. It’s got that dreamy look I wanted, but it’s not entirely hipster. It would have to be much more washed-out and desaturated for that, I think. Aidan disagrees, particularly when it comes to my choice of font. Apparently Brain Flower is unequivocally hipster.

Ok, fine. Guilty as charged 😄

About the music

Hipster-friendly cover or not, it’s really about the music anyway. Here’s my track list:

01: Don Peris – Day Trip
02: Ditty Bops – Fall Awake
03: Toad The Wet Sprocket – Windmills
04: The Paper Kites – Bloom (Bonus Track)
05: Alexi Murdoch – All My Days
06: Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York
07: The Decemberists – Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
08: Mick Lynch – Intertwined
09: Landon Pigg – Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop
10: The Innocence Mission – Martha Avenue Love Song
11: Norah Jones – Sunrise
12: Neil Finn – Into The Sunset
13: Matt Costa – Astair
14: The Shins – The Past and Pending
15: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands
16: Calexico – Hush

I started off listening to this only for sleeping purposes, but lately I’ve been playing it in the early evenings if I have work to do. It’s a nice mellow playlist to have going in the background.

You can listen here through the widget below, or you can go to 8tracks and listen there.

Quiet Time from lclarke522 on 8tracks Radio.

One more thing…

I’m itching to do a music exchange of some kind. Would any of you be up for a playlist challenge? Perhaps we could do a blog hop of crafty playlists? Or I could do a roundup of the playlists here if not enough people have blogs?

I would love to organize such a thing if there’s interest! All you’d have to do is choose 10-20 songs and put them together into an 8tracks playlist. Artsy cover optional (but encouraged).

We can work out the details later, but for now, raise your hand if this idea grabs you!


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