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TWiP: Homey scenes

This Week in Pictures (TWiP) at Polka Dot Cottage

TWiP this time is very slice-of-lifey, compared to the last few weeks which were heavy on the polymer and the crochet. There’s still some of that here, but mainly the emphasis this week has been on the glorious springlike weather, and on snippets of everyday life.

It feels a little early. Last year, it was snowing during week 10. I’m not complaining, though. Any day I can open the windows and let in the fresh air is a good day in my book!

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the photos I shot with my DSLR for Project 365 (one image each day for all of 2016), plus some phone snapshots I posted on Instagram during the previous week.

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…



365: 2016 65/366 – I should try to remember to hang out in my bedroom in the late afternoon more often. The light coming in the window is so warm and peaceful.



365: 2016 66/366 – It’s been a while since I let the machines make supper for me. I don’t know why I never think to do this anymore! Tonight’s menu: chicken breast, peppers + onions in spaghetti sauce over a wild rice blend. And, if I feel like getting off the couch in time, I’ll throw some garlic bread in the oven, too. Wish I could have a glass of wine, but I have to drive somewhere right after we eat. Booooo.



365: 2016 67/366 – My phone says it’s 54F degrees, but it feels warmer. It’s put me in the mood for open windows and honeysuckle perfume.



365: 2016 68/366 – I’m blogging this. And by “this” I mean a beautiful 70F-degree day in March. And by “blogging” I mean writing this little blurb on this single photo 😉



365: 2016 69/366 – Achievement unlocked: First Flower of the Year!



365: 2016 70/366 – I had another mug made based on one of my polymer clay patterns (Rainbow Tortoise) and it arrived today. I love it! But what was really fun is that I happened to be wearing earrings I’d made in that same pattern. Look how well they go together!



365: 2016 71/366 – Time to make the donuts -er, grind the coffee beans, I mean. Wouldn’t mind a donut, though…

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Flickr and/or Instagram.

I may already have plans to blog about some of these things in greater detail over the coming week, but be sure to leave a comment if there’s something in particular you want to know about!


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2 thoughts on “TWiP: Homey scenes

  1. I love your photos and look forward to them each week 🙂 I know, the weather has been amazing! Mmmm, fresh coffee beans!

    1. Aw, thanks, Jamie! And I love that you come here and comment so often 🙂

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