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Striped Yoke Cardigan

Striped Yoke Cardigan

Striped Yoke Cardigan

Striped Yoke Cardigan

Striped Yoke Cardigan

Striped Yoke Cardigan

Striped Yoke Cardigan

I’ve been designing sweaters again.

I started this back in June, and I took my time working on it throughout the summer.

It’s based on the Everyday Cardigan in shape and basic construction, but the yoke is done in stockinette stripes rather than ribbing; the collar, cuffs, and hem are worked in a contrasting color; and the button bands are added last.

So, what do you think? Is this something you would knit if there were a pattern available? Because I would definitely consider writing one up if there’s interest!

UPDATE! Pattern now available 🙂

I can imagine it with more subtle color differences like light brown stripes on beige. Or maybe in three colors, where the sweater is tan, for instance, the stripes are red, and all of the remaining trim (collar, cuffs, hem, button bands) is blue.

If I wasn’t so bored Bored BORED with stockinette stitch right now, I’d probably knit a couple of samples. But no. Time for this girl to do something more challenging for a while: like cables!


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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Striped Yoke Cardigan

  1. What a pretty sweater! I love the colours 🙂

  2. I really really like what you did! It’s a flattering look and who doesn’t like more color in a sweater.

  3. Very pretty! Actually, purple is a nice color for you!

  4. Really like this version with the stripes. I especially like the look of the heathered yarn with the darker. Lots of ideas for color combos!

  5. This is a great looking sweater… I’ve added it to my make sweater list

  6. I like it. I have been considering making myself a sweater, If you ever need an in-experienced knitter weigh in on a pattern let me know!

  7. I really like this sweater. It looks very comfortable and usable.
    Do you ever need test knitters?

  8. What a cute sweater! I love the stripes.

  9. […] I’ve been wanting to thank you all individually for the nice comments on my Striped Yoke Cardigan, but I seem to have whittled away my online time doing other things this week. So I hope this group […]

  10. I know, posting again, anyway, I would buy this pattern and make this sweater.

  11. Thanks, everybody, for the nice feedback! The pattern is complete, and you can find it here. Thanks again!

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