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Pen Affliction

23/365 January 23

Years ago, after a particularly prolific polymer clay kick, I had a wicker basket filled nearly to the top with clay-covered pens. It was wonderful! I’d run my fingers through them, dump them out, arrange and re-arrange them on the floor… sometimes by color, sometimes by pattern, sometimes in a gloriously long rainbow. But eventually I sold all but about ten of them, and it really wasn’t very much fun playing with ten pens.

I’m happy to report my pen-making mojo is back. Over the last month or so, I’ve added a nice selection to my supply. In fact, I made twenty four of them yesterday alone!

Pens by color (plum)

So now I can play with them by color (plum in this case)…

Pens by pattern (Triangles)

Or by pattern (triangles)…

A rainbow of handmade pens

Or I can set them up in a gloriously long rainbow.

Sweet. You know what, though? When I have them all laid out like this, I can clearly see underrepresented colors and patterns. It makes me want to sit down and crank out another few dozen to fill in the gaps.

Last night, after I sanded and buffed my last pen, I sat on the floor deliriously happy pushing them around into piles. Neil suggested ever so gently that I really ought to sell a few. What?? And diminish my supply?? Never!!

Well, that was what I said to him, but in actuality, I do know he is right. Sometime soon, I will open the shop for a few days and let these pens go to some good homes. For now, though, if you will excuse me, I have another rainbow to build.

[edited 1/25/12: the shop is open! fifty different pen varieties up for grabs! check it out.]

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Pen Affliction

  1. I’m also crazy about pens! Its some kind of obsession, i guess 🙂 yours are wonderful and i totally understand that you love each and every one of them!
    Too bad that BIC stopped selling these old ones…i bought Papermate but they are my 2nd best 😉

  2. OMG, you are so funny. The colors and patterns are gorgeous! To let go of anything, they say it is all in reaching the point of readiness. Great post!

  3. Great Idea!! 100 % Creativity!!

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