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For the love of Flickr

Remember when I used to post Flickr Favorites on Fridays? Can you believe it’s been almost a year since I did it last?  Yep. Long time. I’ve been favoriting photos since then, but I haven’t been sharing them.

Last night I set out to make mosaics of everything I haven’t shared since the last time, and there were ninety photos.  Ninety! I needed three separate mosaics for all of that…

Third Friday Flickr Favorites in Forever!

Second Friday Flickr Favorites in Forever!

First Friday Flickr Favorites in Forever!

That’s an awful lot of eye candy for one post… You’ll notice much of it has fall/winter themes.  I guess I didn’t poke around flickr a whole lot in the summer! It’s ok. The fall and winter stuff is perfect for right now.  It is making me want to put on a pair of fingerless gloves and clasp a mug.  Or maybe do some leaf-peeping. Perhaps crochet something?  So much inspiration there!

Each of these mosaics links back to flickr, where you will find the full photo credits and links to the full-size versions of everything.  If you see something you like, go ahead and click. Give these great photographers and crafters some love!

So glad it’s Friday. I hope to have a weekend of craftiness ahead of me.  Which reminds me, thank you for the suggestions on my droopy sweater.  I loved the grosgrain ribbon idea and have ordered a fun polka dot ribbon to use – I’ll post the “after” results next week.

Have a great weekend!



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