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Weave Cane

Barrettes, sanded and buffed

I’m checking in from the Clayathon.  I made it here in one piece yesterday afternoon, and after about an hour of dithering about, wondering what I should make first, I dove into shawl pins, buttons, and barrettes in two patterns: Grayscale Weave and Swamp Weave.  (Those are the barrettes up there.  The green one got a little toasted in the oven, but I plan on keeping it for myself and don’t really mind the extra browning and speckles.)

Shawl pins, sanded and buffed

Anyway, this got me thinking that maybe you haven’t seen the instructions I wrote up several years ago on how to make my woven pattern.  You know how old content can get buried sometimes.  So here is a link to the tutorial. It’s a complex cane, and it takes a bit of effort, but the effects are well worth it (particularly if you have more patience than  I do, and can let your cane rest a bit before reducing – my final cane in the example is a little wonky).

Buttons, sanded and buffed

Today I’ve already made sets of shawl pins, buttons, and barrettes in twelve patterns (wait, twelve? can that be right? hmm, I think it is. guess I’ve been busy!) and this evening I’ll spend some time sanding and buffing the lot.  I’ve learned that if I don’t do those finishing steps right away, they may never get done.  I still have a box of un-sanded bits and pieces from last year’s clayathon!

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Weave Cane

  1. this pattern looks great!
    greetings – gudrun

  2. I love the weave… it’s a big step up from the basic basketweave I teach in my classes lol.

    And I hear you about the finishing steps – my production for work stuff gets popped in the queue and gets done on a regular basis but stuff for personal or work but not soon stuff tends to sit. and sit. and sit.

  3. Ooooh what fun! I have not yet made it to a polymer clay gathering – it’s definitely something I would *love* to do!

  4. I love how cool your clay work looks.

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