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Seasonal confusion

As I type, the mercury is creeping up past 62 degrees.  I’m wearing shoes without socks, a lightweight shirt, and fun daisy earrings.  Several of the windows in the house are open in an effort to flush out the staleness of winter, and I’ve decided to pick up Aidan from school today so he won’t […]

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I just like playing with them

Saturday I sat down with my little bowl of buttons, and began to organize them by color and pattern.  There is something strangely appealing about this activity for me.  Seriously, I could probably re-arrange and re-organize them all day long and not get bored. But then, I’m weird that way. I had them out so […]

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Happy Friday!

Here are a few of my recent Flickr favorites. Click on the image for individual photo credits. So, it’s Friday.  For real, not just in my mind.  How do you plan to spend your weekend? I’m hoping to do a little something crafty, and try not to make any big messes 😀 Rumor has it […]

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Seeking balance

I’ve got a tendency to obsess.  That’s Neil‘s word, not mine, and while I don’t like the negative connotations of it, I’m at a loss to find another term that fits.  So obsession it is, I guess.  Polymer clay, sewing, knitting, website design…   I love making beautiful things, and I know that sometimes I am […]

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