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Feels like Friday

Flylady Zone 1: Dining Room BEFORE Flylady Zone 1: Dining Room AFTER

I see from the comments on my last post that a lot of us are kindred spirits.  I didn’t get a chance to reply to everyone directly, but I have read all of the comments and appreciate their sentiments.  I have several goals with this new chapter in my life, and one of them is definitely to free myself and my family of clutter.  For this, I’m going back to Flylady.  This week, the zone has been the Dining Room, Front Porch & Entryway zone.  Perfect.  The Dining Room is exactly where I needed to be.

Flylady Zone 1: Dining Room BEFORE Flylady Zone 1: Dining Room AFTER

Do you know what one side-effect of diversifying your activities throughout the day is?  Time slows down. All week, I’ve been looking at the clock, being surprised that it’s not later than it is.  My days have been fuller this week.  And now I’m looking at the calendar being surprised that it’s only Thursday.

Flylady Zone 1: Entryway BEFORE Flylady Zone 1: Entryway AFTER

I’ve nothing crafty to show you.  I did a little knitting last night, but nothing that’s finished.  No, my energy has mainly been focused on taking care of business, home, and health.  I am sure that within a few weeks, it will all even out as I catch up on the things that have slipped for so long, but for now, marathon crafting sessions are on the backburner.

Flylady Zone 1: Entryway BEFORE Flylady Zone 1: Entryway AFTER

I really don’t mind that, though.  It’s like on Clean House, where they pry the shoe collection (treadmill, romance novels, whatever) from the kicking-and-screaming homeowner’s hands, only to see that the sacrifice was so worth it in the end.  When you are finally free of the oppression of clutter, you don’t miss so much what you had to give up to get there. That’s my theory anyway.  If I have to wait a few weeks to get my hands dirty with clay, fabric, or yarn, then so be it.  I can wait.  The rewards will be so worth it.

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Feels like Friday

  1. congrats!! i have been doing the same thing…looking around and seeing a bunch of piles. ughh. i need to start a schedule again and see what things i find- like time, joy, more patience, and a bit of heaven. thanks for the help.

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  4. Well done. Flylady is so great. I love listening to her show why I clean – keeps me going and keeps me inspired. I’ve still not gotten to zone work but the house has definitely been kept in better order this week. And I’ve gotten some scrapbooking done a few times this week – which is nice – and I didn’t feel too guilty.


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  5. Your uncluttered spaces look great. Congrats.

    Seems to be in the air… I’ve been de-stashing yarn and ruthlessly cleaning out the clothes closets. Feels great doesn’t it!

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  6. I’ve been working on decluttering and organizing my craft stashes lately, and while it’s going rather slow because of lack of funds (I want to sort everything into photo boxes by craft, but I can’t afford the boxes) it’s amazing how much more inspired I am to craft as the space on said craft table clears out.

    What you’ve done thusfar looks utterly fantastic. Congrats on making such obvious progress!

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