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Firsts, lasts, milestones

Farm fresh eggs

Today I went to the farm.  I was looking for zinnias and honeycrisp apples like last year, but there were no apples to be had.  It was disappointing, but I did manage to come home with something else nifty:  my first ever batch of farm-fresh multi-colored eggs!

Yeah, I know.  Where have I been not to have done this years ago?  I’ll tell you.  I’ve had my feet firmly planted in the land of None of us Eat Eggs Around Here Anyway So Why do I Care What Kind I Get.  My sole purpose for buying eggs is to crack them open and hide their guts inside a cake.

4 days worth of eggs pretty eggs! eggs of many colors beautiful basket of chicken eggs heritage breed eggs

I guess all of those multi-colored egg photos on flickr (like the ones above) finally got to me, because I let out a delighted little squeal when I saw the cartons of “our own free range eggs” in shades of white and brown.  My only regret is that there were no other colors in the batch.  I’d have been over-the-moon if I’d found pale aqua ones.

Of course, I still plan to crack them open and hide their guts inside of a baked good.  Probably strawberry-banana bread.

Lunching in the living room

Today is our last day of summer.  Aidan is back to school tomorrow for a half day, and then Eamonn starts Kindergarten on Friday.  We picked zinnias at the farm today, stopped at our favorite bagel place on the way home, and set up our flowers and our lunch on the living room floor.  It’s the last weekday lunch the three of us will be having together for some time.

The rest of our Last Day of Summer Vacation plans include spending the afternoon doing whatever the heck we want to (my concession to them, when I announced we were spending the morning picking flowers, LOL!), and having ice cream for supper.  After supper, It’ll be haircuts, showers, and bedtime.  Then tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind!

Picking zinnias

And I wanted to mention my little milestone, too.  Today is the third anniversary of my first blog post ever.  That’s pretty cool, I think.  Things sure have changed, blog-wise, since then.  My average number of posts per month in 2005 was 5.  This year? 27.  Yeah.  I’m slightly more chatty now.

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Firsts, lasts, milestones

  1. I have the back to fall schedule jet lag right now. The tired, dragging feeling that will eventually fade into routine.

    The eggs look too cool. I have to admit I’ve never gotten fancy and looked for different than usual eggs.

    Good luck to the boys with their first days! My not-so-small-one had her first day of fifth grade yesterday. Fifth. Time flies.

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    1. It sure does! Hard to believe I can just drop them both off at the bus stop in the morning, and go back in the house completely alone. Seems like yesterday I had an infant.

      Good luck with fifth grade – this is where it starts to get tough mothering a girl, isn’t it?

  2. Ice cream for dinner?!?! You are like the best mom EVER!!!

    See what Melissa has been blogging about: Wordless Wednesday

    1. Heh, or maybe the craziest. Who pumps the kids full of sugar two hours before bedtime anyway? Worked out fine, unless you count the complete and total during-haircut meltdown the little one had… That wasn’t fun, and he now looks like his mother cut his hair, LOL!

  3. The eggs are beautiful!
    Your post made me a little sad. I hated going back to school! 🙁

    1. Really?? Oh, I loved it! I was sad the year I graduated college and I didn’t get to go back, LOL!

  4. Congrats on the 3 yr milestone…. that is fantastic! Your pictures look great from all your fun adventures today. Those were the days before the hustle and bustle of getting to school! Mine are in 3rd and 8th grade this year. Enjoy those handsome boys!

    See what Kashoan has been blogging about: Going Crazy Without Computer

    1. Ooh, an 8th grader, eh? You’ll be all caught up in the world of high school before long!

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