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School daze

First time on the bus

You may recall my comment sometime during the summer, that when the time came for me to put my baby on the bus to Kindergarten, I would either be clinging to his ankles, begging him not to leave me, or skipping down the driveway, celebrating my freedom.  I’m happy to report that I did not succumb to either extreme.  No, when he crawled up those bus steps (because, I suppose, it’s more fun than walking), stood up at the top, turned around, waved excitedly and yelled, “BYE MOM!” with a big smile on his face, I experienced the appropriate misty-eyed-but-composed response.  And I continued to experience it all the way down the driveway walking back into the house, in the kitchen brewing my tea, at my desk logging onto my computer, and at this very moment writing this paragraph.

Ok. I’m good now. Mist gone. 😎

Waiting for the bus

I’m not going to think too hard about this being the end of baby, toddler, preschoolerness around here.  That might send me to the ankle-clinging extreme that I’ve so deftly avoided to this point.  Instead it would probably be best to consider what good things will come from putting two children on the bus at 8:30, and not seeing one of them again until 12:30.  That’s four hours of quality blogging time, folks. Ok, I’m kidding about that, but I do think I’m going to do my blogging in the morning now.

My goal is to let this new freedom inspire a productivity that has eluded me these last months.  I spent nearly all day yesterday getting my calendar & task list in order, and making sure I could access it from any electronic device I needed to.

Finishing breakfast outside

And today, I’ve inaugurated this new era of Getting Things Done, by kicking back with a muffin, a cup of tea, and my blog, hoping to emerge refreshed and ready to tackle the items on that to-do list.

I know this can backfire on me.  It’s entirely possible that after spending my first few hours doing fun, personal, social-networky stuff, there will be a little devil on my shoulder, trying to convince me that a day spent online is way more fun than a day spent unloading dishwashers, making beds, and packing orders.

Right as that little devil may be, I’m hoping the little angel counterpart is there on my other shoulder to point out the feeling of satisfaction that comes from checking things off of the list and not squandering away the time.  Please be there, little angel.  My house and business are depending on it!


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Posted on 2 Comments

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