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Is it really Monday?

Bags in progress

So, I’ve got these two purses to make, and part of what has been keeping me from starting on them is the fact that I don’t have buttons made to match. Today, out of sheer laziness and an effort to avoid putting away the sewing machine and taking out my clay supplies, I took a look through my button box.

As luck would have it, the buttons I made back in January to go with Amy Butler’s Belle fabrics, were also a perfect match for the pile on the left, which is made up of Amy Butler’s Lotus fabrics in green, and is soon to be Sarah’s bag.

I lucked out even further when I realized that I still had a small pile of Swamp buttons (I thought I’d used them up, for some reason) which are always nice paired with Bleeker Street fabrics, aka the pile on the right, soon to be Jen’s bag.

So now I have no excuse not to spend this evening sitting on the floor cutting out purse fabric into all the right shapes and sizes. Except…

Fat quarter sheet swap

I spent this afternoon sitting on the floor cutting this thrifted sheet into fat quarters and now my lower back is in protest. Sometimes I think I’m 97 instead of 37… Anyway, this pretty little pile will soon be on its way to the Oh! Fransson Vintage Sheet Patchwork Swap. I have one more sheet to cut up, but, again, the back thing. Hopefully after a nice supper of Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken my body will be more in a mood to cooperate with my crafty desires.


It still feels like the weekend. Neil took this week off, and the boys are done with school, so with everybody here, today’s pace has been much the same as it is on a Saturday. Sleeping a bit later than usual, coming downstairs and lazily checking my google reader instead of my agenda, putting off my shower (and then forgetting to take it altogether)… these are the things of the weekend. If I can keep up this leisurely pace and still get some important work done, as well as some important play, I’ll be a happy camper this week!

Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Is it really Monday?

  1. warm damp heat and laying down with a pillow under your knees. Then have Neil do a nice soothing lower back rub and not to forget the gluts. I tell ya, your back will feel much better in the am.


    1. Thanks for the advice. It wasn’t really a bad ache, so I just took it easy for a few hours and I was able to cut fabric to my heart’s content later in the evening. I probably should have milked it for that back rub, though. Live and learn!

  2. I know about the back thing. Don’t do too much. I too was on the floor today folding my fat quarters and my back was yelling at me.

    1. Guess that’s a good argument for doing this kind of thing at a table, eh? I don’t seem to ever learn that lesson!

  3. Your buttons are such a perfect match Lisa! If I didn’t know you were so honest I would have thought you were lying when you said you made them before you got the fabric!

    1. Heh. Yeah, it was very cool to dig through my buttons and find things already made that matched my projects. Saved me a day’s time, and the effort of switching the dining room table from a sewing station to a clay area. I’m always up for a little time saving!

  4. wow – those buttons match perfectly! yea!

    1. Pretty cool, eh? I’m ready to make your bag tomorrow 🙂

  5. Love the pattern and fabic colors and button to match, the one on the right REALLY apeals to me. I wish you would do a purse tutorial making tutorial!!! I just made my first two Built By Wendy shirts! You blog is such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I’m not sure I’m ready for a purse-making tutorial… I basically just took three other people’s directions for three different bags and combine aspects of each of them to get the look I wanted.

      That shirt is like potato chips – you just can’t stop at one!

  6. Oh Lisa, those fabrics are absolutely scrumptious! All my favorite colors. And your polymer buttons match perfectly. I love your photo with the piles of fabrics and matching threads and buttons. You are really inspiring me to get out my sewing machine and take a trip to the fabric store!

    See what Karen has been blogging about: New Necklaces

    1. Heh. I like that photo, too. I have to admit that half of the fun for me is setting out the fabric pieces and all matching buttons & threads, and just looking at them like that!

  7. Nice find with the buttons!! I’ve got start a collection of buttons.

    1. I went a little nuts about 6 months ago, making polymer clay buttons, so now I have a nice collection to paw through when I have a sewing project. It’s handy!

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