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The kitchen’s a mess again

You see, there was this strawberry…

Jam-making day

And I couldn’t very well just leave it sitting there, looking at me, could I? Not when there was pectin in the cupboard and, next to that, a box of shiny new mason jar lids. I just had to give in to fate, tie on my trusty apron, and drag the bread machine out of hiding.

Jam-making day

Yes, I said “bread machine.” Does yours have a Jam cycle? Mine does, and I think it’s so nifty! The absolute best bread machine cookbook in the whole world has an entire chapter devoted to making jam, my favorite of which is Strawberry. The recipes make small batches – two or three cups – which is usually plenty for us. They keep for 2 months in the fridge, or longer if you freeze them (which I have yet to try).

Jam-making day

I got two jars of jam out of this batch and decided they would be just perfect for Father’s Day gifts for the Grandpas. (It’s a good thing I have strawberry-picking plans this coming week, or I might just have been reluctant to give away the whole batch of jam.)

I kind of made a mess making the jam, and I know I should have cleaned it up right away, but the weather was hot & sticky yesterday and I just couldn’t face it. Today would have been a great day to scrape the leftover goo out of the bread machine pan, except that I didn’t really want to. I had something else in mind for today.

New skirt

As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, I have a serious shortage of skirts in my closet. (And a tendency towards sarcastic remarks.) This one came to be from a Sheet Swap sheet from Mary.

New skirt

(Oh, why can I never find a spot to stand that has decent lighting?  It’s a bit frustrating.  Anyway…)

The waistband came out a bit wonky, but since I never tuck in my shirts, nobody will ever know. I also initially made the A-line waaaaay too wide and triangular, so I took that in a bit on the sides. And then, for some reason it just called out to me to be outlined in black, so I ran right out and got myself some bias tape. I’ve never finished a skirt hem that way before, but I like it. I think it works. I have another sheet that I may do the same way, but in white.

Now, please wish me luck getting in the mood to clean that kitchen tomorrow.  If I don’t, I could be back here with another 2 or 3 procrastination projects to show off, and we just can’t have that!


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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “The kitchen’s a mess again

  1. I love the bias tape finish on that skirt! I think it works particularly well because of how bold the black eyed susan print is. Very nice! I am starting to think my local thrift store doesn’t have the right kind of sheets… =]

  2. I love the skirt! The black bias tape looks great!

  3. That skirts definitely my favorite so far. I could see me wearing it. So actually it’s probably too conservative! LOL

  4. WOW! This is my favorite sheet-skirt so far. Love it!

  5. Oooh, strawberry jam! That sounds delightful.

    And yes, that skirt is great, the black hem really looks great.

    I feel your pain, I can never find a good spot to take pictures either, the lighting is awful everywhere and where its good one day, its not the next. Ugh, pictures!!

    See what Melissa has been blogging about: Lovin’ the craft!

  6. You have definitely hit on something with the black bias tape. That skirt looks wonderful. Hmmm, I wonder how some onlining on the purses would look. Great job. Send some jam my way please, pretty, pretty please.

  7. there is nothing better than strawberry jam! and from your bread machine? shut up. love the skirt!

  8. The black bias tape just makes the skirt perfect. So cute..

  9. My bread machine is sitting waiting to be cleaned too, but I only made bread in mine. That jam looks great and it is so attractively packaged!

  10. The bias tape looks great. I love the skirt.

  11. Oh don’t tell me I’m going to have to work on my skirt yet again! That black bias tape hem is awesome! And I love the narrow A-line for this bold print. It works really well.

    It’s funny to see “my” skirt on someone else. When I wear mine I’m always confident that I won’t run into another person wearing the same thing, but now… What if we were to meet somewhere in the middle of the country, wearing our 1970s bedsheet skirts. Too funny!

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