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Beauty Night

At some point tonight, while I was bustling around the kitchen, putting away the leftover food and wiping my gooey hands on my apron, the thought occurred to me that it’s been a while since I’ve had my eyebrows waxed. That thought was quickly followed by the realization that there is no convenient time to go have such a thing done now that preschool is over. I percolated on that while finishing up my kitchen cleanup, and then decided an evening of DIY beauty treatments was in order.

Night of beauty

One trip to Drug Fair later, and I was all set up with a facial mask, some tan-inducing moisturizer, and some other miscellaneous stuff. I am pretty sure the last time I tried a mask was before I had any children. We’re talking nearly a decade here. I’m so laid back skin-care-wise, about all I do is wash my face in the shower every day. No moisturizer, astringent, or fancy stuff – just whatever shower gel happens to be handy.

Self Portrait Thursday: Plucked eyebrows

After the mask, I plucked my eyebrows. And later, if I’m feeling bold, I’m going to play around with a few other facial care products I picked up that I’ve never tried before. How positively girly of me!

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Beauty Night

  1. Wow. My eyebrows never look that good when I do them myself. I can never get them even. Nice job! You’ve now made me painfully aware that I need my brows waxed.

  2. hmmm. Beauty night. that sounds like a heavenly experience. i decided to get a manicure tomorrow (has been years since I did that) and now you have me motivated to head to drug fair myself… maybe a bubble bath, a mask, some eyebrow work… hmmmmmmmm….. sounds wonderful.

  3. So, how did it turn out? Did you wind up using the other products?
    I am so with you on the “wash my face in the shower, and that’s that” skin care regime.

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