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Button fodder

Favorites week of January 7

Ah, Friday. Here are some of my favorite photos this week. You can click on the mosaic to get individual photo credits. I came this close to buying the Heather Ross horses fabric in the green skirt on the bottom row, but I resisted. It’s not like I have a particular attachment to horses. I just love the black tights and skirt look, and really, I already have twelve skirts from last summer in my closet that ought to make fitting substitutes.

So, I dodged the bullet on that one, but as it turns out, I ended up buying a bunch more fabric last night. Mostly I bought fat quarters on Etsy, but I did also buy some yardage for a skirt (hey, didn’t I just say I didn’t need another skirt?) and for another pair of lounge pants (I think springy/summery cropped ones this time).

The fat quarters are coming with me next weekend to the Clayathon, because I’ve decided that I want to spend much of my time custom-mixing colors, and making batches of buttons. Some of the buttons will go up for sale on Etsy, and others will be incorporated into scarves, aprons, and maybe tote bags, most of which will also end up on Etsy. I’ve got some Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt and Aviary and Chestnut Hill, both by Joel Dewberry, on the way. Should be fun – I’m getting all excited about button-making!


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Button fodder

  1. Totally nothing to do with this post, but….

    You need to go look at the comments on your Flickr Color Challenge post and answer them. 🙂

    1. Why do I never think of looking there? I may have to subscribe to the rss feed just so I remember to keep on top of the conversations… Thanks for “paging” me 🙂

  2. ok…I gotta ask. WHY is an opened mouth fish in your fav picks of the week? And no foot picture? whats up with that?? *g*

    1. I thought it was cool! Cool in a “glad I don’t have to eat it or smell it” kind of way 😉 And, hmmm. You’re right about the feet. Just for that, I may have to go trolling around flickr until I find a bunch for next week.

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