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My new love is Turquoise

For at least the last 6 years, I have been drawn to dark colors, particularly in my clothing choices. I’ve been feeling recently like my home would benefit from a makeover, and I’m drawn to the dark for that task, too. If I were handy with a paintbrush, I would probably redecorate several of the rooms. The living room would look nice as a dark mustard. My bedroom I could see as a deep eggplant, and the kitchen as navy blue. I’m really not a fan of pastels at all. I think the last time pastel colors appealed to me was roughly 1986 So, given that, and my predisposition to love anything and everything in the olive/chartreuse family, imagine my surprise when I started falling in love with turquoise craft rooms.

I’ve been seeing them during my recent blog travels – all prettied up and organized, brimming with craft supplies and work tables and oh, yes, beautiful blueish green friendliness!

I just want to wander in, clamp my pasta machine to Creative Little Daisy’s table and make it mine!

I just think how nice it would be to have my own little oasis of creativity. Somewhere that I could set up shelves of all of my crafty books, and artistically-arranged baskets of supplies. Oh, and a door to the outside wouldn’t hurt the atmosphere. I am so not a girly-girl, but for some reason I just want to immerse myself in Posie‘s pink-tinged and very girly craft space. Maybe I like this room because the turquoise isn’t really a pastel version. It’s a notch or two brighter. It has such energy! It says “come inside and create pretty things!”.

Is this bad? The other night as I cuddled in son #1’s bed with him, waiting for him to fall asleep, I let my eyes wander around the boys’ room. By the time he conked out, I had redesigned the room in my head as my happy little turquoise sanctuary of craftiness. My kids are 7 and 4 and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do with their room when they move out. Bad Mommy.

For now, I am working my artsy-craftsy magic at the dining room table. That’s not all bad – I get to be out in the middle of the house, aware of what the rest of the family is doing, instead of hiding away. (Wait – is that bad, or is that good? I guess it depends on when and who you ask…)

The images I included here were used by permission. Top to bottom: Creative Little Daisy, Posie Gets Cozy, and Treasureup. I am also greatly inspired by the craft room of SouleMama. I really wanted to include her room here because it’s one of my absolute favorites of the turquoise variety, but wasn’t able to get in touch with her to get her permission to use her photo. Instead, you can see that inviting crafty spot on her blog.



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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “My new love is Turquoise

  1. Be careful crafting at the dining room table. That’s how I started and before I knew it my dining room was no more. Those crafting supplies have a way of multiplying.

  2. Oh, yes, I’m very familiar with that scenario. I’ve already cleaned-out the built-in cabinets that used to have kitchen gadgets in them and filled half of them with polymer clay and related supplies. And we won’t even discuss the shelves of paraphernalia in the basement…

  3. ah one day!!!!! your dream will come true on this too!!! we have a duplex house and we rent the lower… and we live in the upper… it has two rooms and the attic has 2 more rooms… one of the attic rooms is my studio and the other is ramel’s since he is an artist too… and then the kids share a room and we have the other… but when they get older, boy and girl need their own room… and i DO NOT want to give up my studio!!! hehe… nor does ramel but i get first dibs i hope… one day, we wont have to rent the lower and i can jsut take the whole thing for my studio HAHAHA… but maybe making the dining room completely yours will be an option…. have everyone eat in the kitchen?! best wishes my dear!

  4. It’s hard to find a happy medium when you have kids. My last house had a room just for my sewing, but it was waaaay up on the third floor, and the kids were little. If they wanted to play outdoors, I couldn’t be that far away from them. Now I share a room with the TV. This is bad, because not only is the TV distracting, but it’s hard to watch when my sewing lights are all on. We’re going to hang some roll-up matchstick blinds from the ceiling and see if that helps, and if I ever finish painting the bedroom, then cleaning out and painting and hanging shelves and organizing in the garage, all my clay and beads and the kids’ and hubby’s art stuff will go there, and I’ll be able to have sewing projects and clay/jewelry projects going at the same time. Woohoo! (I forgot to mention that when they get older, the minute you take out your stuff, they join in – and you have to drop what you’re doing and teach them a technique, then it’s time to start dinner, and forget to remind them to clean up, which they don’t do unless you remind them, and it’s just one more stumbling block! Heh.)

  5. Mine join in when I start with the clay. I set up three tiles and three pasta machines at the dining room table and keep them supplied with scrap clay while I do my thing. At the moment they have zero interest in sewing, but I kind of hope that changes. I’d love to show them how to make their own shorts.

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