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Treat yourself!

Hello, friends! I’ve been so busy making new things for the shop, and I am really excited to give you a tour. So how about we jump right in?

First up, the new Seaside Whimsy design, which I talked a bit about a few months ago. I finally made some decisions about the scale of the pattern, and then just went for it. Here’s a random sample of what I made, or you can click here to see everything that is in stock in this design:

If you’re reading this post in a feed reader, and you don’t see four items displayed directly above this sentence, you might want to click here to read this post on the website, so you get the full effect 🙂

How about a new color scheme? I call this “1971” and there are two new designs (so far) in these colors: 1971 Jubilee and 1971 Strata (more on the “Strata” pattern below). Here’s a random sample, or you can click here to see everything that is in stock in this color scheme:

And finally, the new aforementioned “Strata” pattern, which is available (so far) in five color schemes: Bog, Plasmatic, Lush, Blue, and 1971. Here’s a random sample, or you can click here to see everything that is in stock in this pattern.

There are a lot of new additions to the shop this week in these new designs. Plus, I’ve replenished some tried and true older designs. I had run out of a few favorite canes (Plasmatic Jubilee, Lush Jubilee, and a couple others), so I made them again. The very nature of Jubilee Canes makes it difficult to exactly match an old design, even when you use the exact same colors in the same proportions. So, the individual elements on the faces of these canes might not be in exactly the same positions as their predecessors, but the colors are all there, and they have the same “spirit” as the originals did.

Hopefully these new canes will last me a little while, but I probably shouldn’t count on it. I tend to use them a lot!

Click here to see everything in the shop, newest items first!

I know this has been a very jewelry-centric shop update, but I will be working on some more tools (crochet hooks, seam rippers, etc.) in the coming weeks, too, so stay tuned for that!


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Treat yourself!

  1. Your jewellery is so gorgeous, especially the stud earrings. Really lovely.

    1. Thanks, CA! I love the stud earrings, too – I have made about a million pairs for myself, and I wear them every day 🙂

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