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TWiP: January Ripples

This Week in Pictures, Week 2, 2022

You may notice that much of the imagery in this post includes the new ripple blanket I started crocheting last week. That’s because it’s January, and it’s cold, and there’s a pandemic still raging out there, so I haven’t really had anywhere to go, or anything interesting to do that could tear me away from crocheting. Though I’d be open to opportunities if they magically presented themselves.

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TWiP: Newfound Punctuality

This Week in Pictures, Week 1, 2022

This week I’ve made an effort to use my Canon 80D wherever possible. What I lose in convenience by not using my handy phone, I more than make up for in quality, I think. It’s not that my phone doesn’t take lovely pictures. In fact, my current phone is orders of magnitude better than the camera I was using when I started this blog. But there’s something about a DSLR photo that just looks better.

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1 Second Everyday for 2021

1 Second Everyday for 2021

I decided to do this project when I came across a few videos from the first time I tried this, back in 2018. I only managed 3 non-consecutive months with that project, but those little films contained clips with my dad, his brother, a great-uncle, and a cat, all of whom are no longer with us. It made me realize that even though I have a huge library of photographs of the people I love, there’s something extra special about moving pictures.

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TWiP: The Last Week of the Year

This Week in Pictures, Week 52, 2021

I can’t properly express how much it pleases me to be ending the year on a Friday. For TWiP purposes, all weeks end on Fridays, so when the end of a week corresponds with the end of the year, it just feels so neat and tidy. How nice for my 2021 photo and video projects not to extend awkwardly into the middle of another week! I’ve learned a few things this year, photographically speaking, and will tailor my 2022 project accordingly 🙂

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