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Upgraded: Spring Wrap Skirt!

Spring Wrap Skirt, a sewing tutorial from Polka Dot Cottage

A few years ago, I taught myself to use InDesign to create nice-looking eBook PDFs, and all of my publications since then have been in this spiffy new format. At the time, in addition to writing the new eBooks, I took to reformatting some of my older ones, but I never finished the job.

Today, I got back in the saddle and brought one of my most popular patterns up to speed: the Spring Wrap Skirt.

06 skirt 02Looking over this tutorial as I worked on it, I realized that there were some parts that could have been explained more clearly, a step that really would have benefited from a diagram, and a few other things I wanted to change. So, I took the time to work on the text a bit, and I introduced a few new images to the tutorial. All of this while also knocking it down from 12 pages to 7, and making it look just so much nicer inside.

02 skirt 03

I really like wearing these wrap skirts because they look more tailored and fitted to your body than an elastic-waist skirt does. At first glance, your wrap skirt could easily be mistaken for a zippered skirt!

This is a tutorial aimed at beginners, but suitable for all skill levels. I don’t use a whole lot of sewing jargon, so if that stuff confuses you, no worries! This is a plain English approach to measuring your body and making a skirt that is designed to fit you perfectly.

Have I enticed you at all? Let me share one other little secret with you: I have gained about 15 pounds since I made my first wrap skirt, and it still feels as great on me now as it did the day I sewed it. Try that with a zippered skirt!

Want to know more? Get all of the details right here.

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Already own the Spring Wrap Skirt pattern and tutorial? If you purchased it from Craftsy, you will soon be notified of the change and will be given a chance to download the new version for free. If you purchased it anywhere else and would like the upgrade, just email me and I’ll make sure you get a free copy.

If you want to know more about this pattern, and the above link doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask me all about it!


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Posted on 1 Comment

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