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Did I say 24? I meant 48.

Clean dining room You guys really came through with the “you can get that room clean in one day!” support yesterday – thank you!  As it turns out, the photography has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning, so I could have had an extra day.  No biggie, though.  It’s neater than it’s been in recent (and even not-so-recent) memory, and that makes me very happy.


So happy, I’m even thinking we can actually eat at this table this week.  Last time we ate in the dining room, Eamonn was in a high chair, about a year old, smearing spaghetti sauce all over his face and eating pasta with his fingers.

We’ve managed to get this space to a point where the crafting supplies are easily contained and organized.  And, if we want them out completely for some reason, it’s a relatively simple matter of just moving the tubs to some other room.

Strange view

That picture I posted yesterday really didn’t give a good sense of just how much junk we had to go through.  The table blocked the view of most of it.  And, really, I do know that it’s important to just “be real” for the camera, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of that mess being in a magazine.  Even a local, regional newspaper-based magazine.  For months upon months, I’ve been wanting so much to clean it up, but there’s always something more pressing to do or a deadline looming.  It was a gift to me, then, that the looming deadline finally was for the cleanup of the dining room.

Whew.  Now all three rooms on the main floor are really looking nice (don’t ask about the rest of the house).  If I can keep it this way, I’ll be one happy camper.  Oh, I know that life happens, and people make messes, and houses need to be lived in.  Trust me, I’m all over that.  But I think if we can keep it so that it never takes more than 30 minutes or so to put it back into company-ready condition, that will be a good balance.

Sewing in progress

When this picture-taking thing is over tomorrow morning, I’ll have a new patchwork scarf to show for it.  You might want to check back here if you’re in the market for such a thing, as I’ll be getting it into the shop about 15 minutes after I’ve sewn the last stitch…


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Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Did I say 24? I meant 48.

  1. Yes, it’s very hard to keep everything in it’s place. Your space looks very nice, and i like the IDEA of a 30 minute cleanup. I shudder at the thought of someone seeing my craft room.

    1. If I had a craft room with a door that I could close, then I wouldn’t mind a mess all that much. There’s something to be said for a little creative clutter 🙂

      But it has always bugged me that this room is visible from the front door, so that anyone who walks into my house can see it right away. I really prefer for a visitor’s first impression to be better than that 😉

      1. Point taken, it is much easier to just shut the door and walk away, but, when i walk back in i “sigh” and think i really must clean this up sometime! But yet again, after a busy couple hours of being crafty, i walk out and shut the door, again. I guess the key will be, in the future, to decide before i open the door, to clean it up. It is wishful thinking!

  2. You’re soooo fast! lol… Cool, would you come and make the same in my own living room??? Pelase!!!!!!!!

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  3. Well done! Now if only I could manage to get *my* dining room cleaned up…

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  4. Why is it that we use our dining rooms as a craft room? Mine just keeps shrinking and shrinking! Kashoan

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  5. New blog post: Did I say 24? I meant 48.

  6. The room looks fabulous Lisa and fitting of a dining/sewing room. It would be great wouldn’t it if we could keep them like that for long? And then lucky you had extra time too to enjoy sewing your gorgeous new scarf!

    What I hate probably more than the boxes of stuff and the not being able to find anything once I have tidied up are the threads everywhere when you do not have a designated craft room. Today I went shopping to our big mall …thankful for an opportunity to be threadless and then ruined it by popping into the fabric/haberdashery store first. As I walked out through the store I could feel something on my brown linen skirt…looked down and there were trailing threads of every conceivable colour everywhere from the store!! No full length mirrors there, so after pulling off what I could see I shook and shimmied and wriggled [my skirt] until I thought everything was off….flared bias cut skirts pick up a lot of fluff and stuff!! You know I might do a blog post on this as am a tad idea short at present!!

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