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I have 24 hours

My creative space

24 hours in which to turn this cluttered space into something photograph-worthy. Tomorrow morning a person with a camera will be here to capture me “in action” making stuff.  I asked, “can’t we just meet at Starbucks?” but it didn’t fly.

My upper shoulders are still a bit sore from Friday’s pulled muscle.  Wish me luck that I can do this without hurting myself all over again!


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Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “I have 24 hours

  1. Who is photographing you? Thanks sounds exciting! That room looks great compared to some areas in my house! Im sure you will make it looks good! You need one of my cornbags for your shoulder. Take Care Kashoan

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  2. hey, that looks a lot like my own dining room!! i have in laws coming for a visit so i will be tidying up right along with you 😉 can’t wait to here about the photos!


  3. I wish when my place was a mess that is what it looked like;) You can do it. Just stick all that stuff in a different room (that should take about 15 min and leave you 23 hours and 45 mins to sit and have a nice warm drink and think of fun things to say;)

  4. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll have it looking fabulous.

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  5. Oh the pressure! If I was closure I sure would help you out. Dont hurt yourself!

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  6. I should be so lucky as to have a mess like that. 😉 Who’s photographing you??

  7. Relax, your stuff is amazing. Be REAL!!!! Don’t pretend to be some crazy lady from the 50’s who had a clean house and everything looked perfect meanwhile she is drinking and beating the kids!!!! You are doing a fabulous job with your art, your business, your children and your marriage. Be proud, be messy, be HAPPY!!!! YOU are the BEST!

  8. I have faith in you! I know you’ll succeed but I’ll wish you luck anyway. 🙂

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  9. Looks fine to me…you should see my place!..I thought you’d already tidied it!

  10. Oh my God! Poor girl! If I were you maybe I’ll go to the doctor and ask him to give me a certificate saying you have a contagious virus and have to stay at home alone for a week, lol…

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