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Patterns in Polymer + giveaway

I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but I thought you might like to hear about what I found in my mailbox this afternoon…  The nice folks at Kalmbach Books were kind enough to slip me an advance copy of Julie Picarello’s highly-anticipated Patterns in Polymer!  May I say, this book – along with my totally-unrelated half-price Frappuccino – does not disappoint?

You may remember that I took a class with Julie in Philadelphia a few years ago (you can see what I made here and here).  I loved that class – it rekindled my waning polymer clay thrill and converted me once-and-for-all to the “sanding and buffing is good” camp.  This book?  A great substitute for actually being there.  It’s like the notes I never took.

If you’ve seen and admired Julie’s work, you will be thrilled to know that she held nothing back in the instructions.  Pick a piece at random from her Flickr photostream, and chances are this book will help you figure out how to make your own version.

These are a few of my favorite projects, but really, they’re all nice.

If you’ve never taken a Julie Picarello class (or if you have and could use a refresher/reference) I encourage you to pick up a copy of this one.  You won’t want to miss Julie’s perspectives on color and texture.

You can pre-order from me at Polka Dot Creations, if you haven’t already – the book is due to be published at the beginning of June.

Or, if you just cannot wait until then, leave a comment on this post and tell me (or show me!) the most recent thing you made in polymer clay.  One lucky winner will get my copy (sorry, Frappuccino not included).

Want extra chances to win?  Mention this post on Facebook or Twitter, and let me know in your comment that you’ve done so.

I’ll choose a winner on Friday.  Good luck!

[edited: Comments are closed, we have a winner!  Congratulations, Missy!  Please check your email and let me know where to mail your prize.]

In the meantime, here are some links to keep you busy:


Posted on 23 Comments

23 thoughts on “Patterns in Polymer + giveaway

  1. I have not made any thing, but I have some clay in my house and am going to make some wonderful buttons (as long as I can follow you directions;)

  2. Cool! I retweeted you 🙂

    And I made these recently:

    I started out making polymer clay barrettes back in the late 80’s and it feels good to come back to them with so much more experience. That book looks very cool!

  3. My most recent clay project was a cane of the St. Lucia flag. A friend recently had a private (just the 2 of them) wedding in St. Lucia. I reduced the cane a little and made a Christmas ornament (with the wedding date and their initials). Then I reduced it some more and I am trying to make some earrings or other jewelry piece with it. I am a beginner, so she will love it under the “it’s the thought that counts” clause.

  4. I actually haven’t made anything out of polymer clay, but would like to give it a try. I’ve been admiring all your work!! 🙂

  5. just yesterday i finished one of my mint tin with Lisa Pavelka inspired Sutton slice using her Victorian Lace stamp,it came out beautiful,given this was first attempt i totally love this technique

    Thanks for the giveaway

  6. i just last night i finished a polymer clay starfish charm and a toggle clasp with foils from Lisa Pavelka . I had been waiting for this book ,i love Ms.Julie Picarello work .I share this giveaway on my facebook page.

  7. The most recent things I’ve made out of polymer clay are some beads. Here they are:

    I would love to have a copy of Julie’s book! Her mokume gane is beautiful!

  8. Oh, p.s.
    I mentioned your giveaway on my Facebook page!

  9. Wow that looks like good book – Julie Picarello really is an amazing artist.

    Here’s my latest polymer clay work (well, I just this minute finished some millifiori flower beads, but they’re not cured yet!)

  10. I will love to win the book. Just today I’ve been making some purple owls as I’m getting ready for summer fairs. I made different color owls back on October and ran out of purple. You can see them here .

  11. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful book! There is so much I want to learn about working with polymer clay, and this looks so very inspiring! The most recent thing I’ve made with polymer clay is tiny lollipops (with the kids). We just twisted three colors together, and rolled them into a snail-type circle about the size of a nickel. Then we poked toothpicks in. The girls also made tiny cupcakes. So much fun.

  12. HI….I would looooooooooooove to have this book. I was fortunate to take a class with Julie….a long time dream of mine( ie…I was able to cross it off my bucket list!!) And I have to say…It was the best time ever. She is such an amazing teacher, so patient and talented! She was so nice!! I absolutely love her style and she amazes me at how she makes it seem so easy!! (not so much for me though!!) I wish I had a picture to share…but I don’t! But thanks for making such a great giveaway!!

  13. Hi

    I was able to attend a weekend retreat with Julie last year and it was wonderful. I havent’ clayed much over the last year. I have been very busy with my almost year old son. (

    I love making boxes from clay! If you would like to see what I do here is my blog.

    Thanks for the chance to win Julie’s book!

  14. HI, I would like to reach that talent someday, I really admire Julie Picarello’ work.

    Here’s my latest polymer clay work, je je not that good but keep on trying. (sorry my english is not very good).

  15. Lately all I have made are plans to make something. I have good intentions but stuff keeps getting in the way. Maybe all I really need is a good shot of inspiration!

  16. sweet give away Lisa. I have been making earrings and a flying pink pig. nothing is posted yet. hoping to get the pig up today

  17. I made tiny gravestones to put in a cemetary terrarium. They turned out very cute.

  18. Thanks so much for this great giveaway.

    This book looks great.

    Here is a pic of one of my latest polymer clay pendants :

  19. this is a good idea to give a nice book to somebody. You can see some my handmade things

  20. The last thing I made were some really awful buttons. It was years ago. The next thing I make will be some buttons following your awesome tutorial. They will be fabulous!

  21. I as well took one of Jullie’s workshops in Israel and had a great time it was quiet long ago and I would love to get my hands on a copy of her book (I as well didn’t take notes at the time)
    Lately I have been trying to find my muse back again so I have decided to make some beads inspired by Artybecca.
    I have put a link to your post on my FB page…

  22. Ooo the book looks wonderfully laid out and photographed! Would be a treasure for the polymer clay book library. Although I have not taken a class with Julie, I did get the opportunity to meet with her for coffee and she is as delightful in person as her work shows on the pages. She is sweet and funny, as well as tremendously talented. I wish her enormous success with the sale of her book!

  23. I love Julie Picarello’s work. Mokume gane is so much fun but Julie’s is the best I have ever seen.

    I’ve been knitting a lot more lately then working with clay so, one of the latest things I made was buttons to match a hand knit sweater.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


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