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The mad tinkerer strikes again!

I suspect that most of my readers are not coming to my blog from within LiveJournal. Those that are, are probably seeing me through their Friends page, with their own fonts and colors. Everyone else, though, comes to my main LJ page. It has been bugging me for some time that my blog looked like a canned LJ template and not as nice and crisp as some of the other clay blogs I’ve been reading lately.

So, I made myself a cup of spearmint tea, brought my laptop outside in the beautiful spring breeze, and dug in to figure out how to write some custom css. I wanted to make my blog look more like what I appreciate in everyone else’s. After 10 minutes son #2 was buzzed by one too many flying insects and insisted on going back in the house. So much for the lovely spring breeze. I opened the sliding glass door downstairs to compensate and installed myself on the couch next to said child. While he absorbed an episode of The Backyardigans and a bowl of Cheeze-its (yeah, I know, I’m mother of the year for giving my kid Cheeze-its at 9:30 in the morning…), I got back to work.

3 hours (and several Cheeze-its of my own) later, my blog looks just like I want it to. I’m still feeling a little fussy about a particular margin, but it may be more of a headache to fix than it’s worth. I hope you enjoy the new look. I’m anticipating sharing my thoughts on all kinds of polymer clay publications as I get the opportunity!


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