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Bins, bins, and more bins

I have a bit of a problem in my dining room.  It’s called “Inability to clean up crafty messes when I’m done making them-itis.”  Perhaps you can relate?  My living room has been clean for months now, but I can’t enjoy it fully because my view from the couch is this messy dining room.  It’s part of the reason why I spend much of my living room time sitting sideways in a chair with my back to the rest of the house.

Since the “ignore it and it will go away” strategy hasn’t been working for me, I decided it was time to take a new approach.

Bins!  Aren’t they beautiful?  So, big.  So well-labeled.  So full of stuffing potential.  I just love the idea of organization.  I lust after it.  I just don’t do it very well.  I try, and I do succeed.  But only for as long as it takes before the first frenzy of pulling things out and not returning them to their proper places occurs.

I’m determined to get these supplies organized, this time!  Not only is the mess disheartening and hard to look at, but it also stifles my creativity.  Projects become so much more complicated when they involve cleaning up an old mess, or pulling things out of the way in order to find the supplies I need.  Something I could whip up in ten minutes under ideal conditions becomes an hour-long project.  I end up just saying “forget it” and doing something else.  Do you know how many cool metal clay projects I’d have right now, if I didn’t have to empty half a cabinet to get to the pile of PMC supplies and tools that are stuffed in the back?  Lots.  Do you know how many cool metal clay projects I actually have done since 2005?  Zero.


This morning I managed to clean up the whole table.  It’s not that hard when there are open-mouthed bins on the floor, looking up expectantly at you.  There is still the entire back cabinet (both the top of it, and a few sections of the interior that have been taken over by clay and such) that needs to be addressed, but I haven’t decided if it’s happening today. I probably lack the time to do it today, but tomorrow is a distinct possibility.

Another great thing about bins is that I can store the supplies elsewhere, out of the way, and still have it be simple enough to go get them when I need them.  All I need to do is clean out the basement so there’s someplace to put them.  Piece of cake 😀

Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “Bins, bins, and more bins

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and am so inspired by your sheet skirts!! I love your bins … is that weird?! I just cleaned/organized my craft room so I can completely appreciate your feeling of accomplishment. Congrats and it looks great!!

    1. Thanks! It is such a great feeling to have a place for everything and to know where to find it, isn’t it? Welcome 🙂

  2. Woo Hoo! I just weeded thru the incredible stack of school notices, craft projects, handwriting worksheets, etc. from school – it took quite a while, but i’m amazed – I have countertops! The bins are a great idea – i like your labels too.

    1. It’s incredible all of the stuff that comes home from school. They could save a few trees if they could rely on the parents to check their email regularly instead 😉 Congrats on the clear counters!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Great job! Your bins are great and I especially love the labels on them. I can’t wait to bin and label my new studio space. You’ve inspired me!

    1. Ooh, yes, you have the excitement of a blank canvas studio ahead of you – how fun!

  4. “Lookin-Good” there Lisa…you are on a roll…don’t stop now….you inspire me too!!… 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks! Now I just need to keep up my momentum, and keep it neat!

  5. Great job, Lisa! I keep many of my clay supplies (as well as display and packaging items) in brightly colored photo boxes from the craft store. Labeled and on my shelf, they keep things neat, organized and easy to store.

    1. That sounds nice – I do like being able to see into the bins without opening them, but I imagine brightly-colored photo boxes would be a lot more attractive. If I’d gone that route, I might even have been able to keep them in the dining room. With these, I pretty much feel like I’m going to have to keep them out of sight somewhere.

  6. Stacking bins are the way to go. They free up floor space and its still really easy to find what you need.

  7. ha! I am the same as you – I LOVE the idea of organization – I look through all the magazines with their cool gadets for storage and I want them… but then I don’t acutally follow through. Good job on the dining room!

    1. I wish Martha Stewart lived here sometimes – the organization would be like a little piece of heaven, LOL! Of course, I’d need her to clean up after me, too, when I’d finished a project, or I’d be right back where I started 😉

  8. I am very impressed, your new clean and organized space looks GREAT!

    1. Thanks! There’s still plenty of mess that a clever camera angle obscured, but it’s a great start 🙂

  9. i found your blog while searching for some polka dot fabric on google. i read this post and it just spoke to my heart, especially this part: “Not only is the mess disheartening and hard to look at, but it also stifles my creativity.” completely agreed! i just thought, “yes! someone who knows exactly what i’m currently feeling!” this also unfortunately means that we’re not alone… 🙂 kudos to you for attacking the beast that is disorganization!

    See what kristen has been blogging about: knitting fiend

    1. It’s so true, isn’t it? The time we waste just trying to find supplies sometimes! I’m always so much happier when everything is in its place. I just wish I could keep everything in its place!

      Welcome and thanks for dropping by!

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