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I’ll just take the black ones, please

Somebody won a contest

Aidan came home from school today, all smiles because he won a contest.  We’re not big contest-winners around here, so it’s always so much fun when it actually happens.  He guessed there were 290 jellybeans in the bowl at school.  There were closer to 500, but his guess was the highest, and he won all of the jellybeans!

Now, I ask you, does that look like 500 jellybeans?  Even allowing for the handfuls that he said were lost to hungry classmates,  I still don’t see 500.  I don’t even see 400.  But then, I guess that’s why I don’t generally win jellybean contests Big Grin

I’m just happy, diet-wise, that jellybeans aren’t my “thing.”  I only really enjoy the black ones.

Decorating the ceramic cup

Yesterday, Aidan decorated this ceramic cup that is part of a First Communion project his CCD class is working on.  I don’t have much experience with ceramics, so I find it hard to visualize what this will look like once it’s fired.  They gave us the cup and the blue underglaze pencil to decorate with.  I thought it was hard to make out his design (which, thankfully, did not include Ultraman or any of his monster foes) because the pencil was so light.  I’m assuming either the clay or the pencil, or both, change color dramatically with firing.  Does anybody know more about the process?  I find it very interesting, but I’m pretty clueless about it.


And then there is Mini-Monk, as we like to call him.  I left him alone in the kitchen for a little while and came back to find my silverware drawer re-organized.  Apparently, he was dissatisfied with my method of keeping all of the kid utensils in a pile at the front of the drawer.  All of the forks are now in fork slots and the spoons in spoon slots, just like nature intended Rolling Eyes

Favorites for the last month!

My flickr favorites for this week, are actually my flickr favorites for the last four weeks, I think…  I haven’t had a whole lot of flickr exploration time lately.    I hope I can rectify that in the near future.  First, though, I have my mother’s birthday present to make.  Yes, it’s now two weeks late.  I have until Sunday, when I’ll be seeing her, to get it done.  Otherwise, I will find myself falling into “bad daughter” territory, and we just can’t have that.

Happy Friday!

P.S.  Isn’t it funny how circumstances change us?  In my twenties, a Friday night made me get in the mood to go out for supper with my sweetie and then go blow $100 on CDs or books.   These days, Friday nights bring time to hang out alone with my favorite four-year-old, snuggle him and his brother off to sleep, and then plop down on the couch for a little Stargate: Atlantis with my favorite 41-year-old.  It’s probably a good thing, since I no longer have $100 to blow on books and CDs Wink

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “I’ll just take the black ones, please

  1. Your Friday nights sound a lot like mine Lisa. Only my husband and our 2 kids (8 and 11) always have homemade pizza, watch a movie, and then I read with the kids till we all get tired. Not a lot of dinners out either, and most of the CD’s come from the library. Which reminds me, it’s Friday… I better go put the dough in the bread maker. Have a great weekend!

    See what Cindy Lietz has been blogging about: Polymer Clay Baking Instructions

    1. That sounds like a nice little tradition you’ve got going. I have a Friday night date with my almost 5yo and a Saturday night date with my 8yo every weekend, and while it’s nice, I’d kind of like to transition to a family movie night or game night or something. I can’t seem to convince the kids that it would be a good thing, though. They like their special time 🙂 ENjoy your weekend!

  2. *sigh* No more new Atlantis for a few months. There IS, however, a new SG-1 DVD that just came out….

    1. Already saw it – yeah, I’m a geek 😀 There will be some new Battlestar Galactica soon, which I’ll probably watch, but it’s not as appealing to me as Stargate.

      1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only polymer clay enthusiast who is also a geek. I’m with you–Stargate over BSG (although I watch that, too). Is Ark of Truth worth buying?

        1. Well, I actually saw a not-quite-ready version of it a few months ago when we downloaded it from somewhere… I would like to see the polished version and I’d like to have it on DVD, but I think I’m going to just put it on my Amazon wish list and hope that somebody buys it for me for my birthday in May 😀

  3. Ha! I won one of those contests when I was a kid too, probably the only one I ever won (besides yours). In my case though, it was gumballs. I can’t remember how many there were, but I had to share with the class. Very cool thing though.

    1. Gumballs – now there’s something I haven’t had in a long time. Can’t say I’ve missed them all that much though. Their flavor lasts all of thirty seconds, LOL!

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