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Spongebob Polkadotpants

I really don’t know the right way to segue from a heavy, hard-to-write post to the kind of lighthearted slice-of-life posts that make me happy to write. I guess “just do it” is one strategy…

So, I accidentally ate one of my kids’ Spongebob vitamins this morning. I must have had other things on my mind when I picked up the wrong bottle. I didn’t notice until I had the vitamin in my mouth and realized, “hey! this doesn’t taste as bad as usual!” Rolling Eyes It didn’t occur to me until just now, but if I’m going to get in the habit of not looking at labels when I reach for the vitamins in the morning, then I should probably be careful not to store the decongestants and stuff in the same cabinet. Who knows how I could end up medicating myself next time I become absent-minded? Duh.

Being towed away
Monday I watched the van be towed away. Maybe I’m a sap, but that kind of thing always makes me a little misty. Even when I was in college and my ’79 Cutlass Supreme, which was thirteen years old and not exactly reliable, died on me in the Drew University parking lot behind the suites where I lived, I still felt sad as it was towed out of sight. Nevermind that I’d been kicking the tires and cursing at it not 15 minutes before that…

So the van disappeared from sight, and we spent three days driving around a Dodge Charger. It was ok, but I’m a GM girl and would have preferred a Pontiac Wink

All fixed!
Today I dropped off the rental and picked up the van, which is now complete with a new back door. They washed it, too. Ooooh, see how it shines? Yummy.

How appropriate
Speaking of yummy… I think it’s about time I made something with polka dots, don’t you? Despite my name, there are very few actual polka dots in my life. The most recent issue of CRAFT: magazine has a great reversible wraparound skirt project that I think would be fun with red dots on one side and blue dots on the other. Too bad I made that darn deal with myself that I have to lose 5lbs before I make another skirt Big Grin

Posted on 1 Comment

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  1. wooo hoooo your baby is home and doesn’t she look purdy!! Mazel Tov of getting her back and being the real GM girl!

    now drop those pounds and make that skirt!!

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