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Promising new day

A new day

This morning I resisted the urge to pull the covers over my head and linger in bed another 15 minutes. I have an urge to accomplish things, starting with a leisurely cup of coffee, an english muffin with cream cheese, and a moment or two to poke my head in here.

I have to admit that there are many days where the only concrete thing that I really want to do involves some kind of computer geekery. I can easily whittle away the hours blogging (reading and writing) and tweaking my various websites. Today, though, I woke up with the urge to cross things off of my to-do list. That’s really an urge I need to indulge.

One Object 365 Days: 25/365 01/25/08

I need to begin with this batch of orders that I packed up yesterday. Everything is in its respective box or envelope at this point, but they didn’t get that way in time to make it to the post office yesterday. So, this morning I weigh packages, charge credit cards, print postage, and get these bad boys on their way. Then I breathe a sigh of relief because it will mean that I am nearly caught up in a month of being perpetually behind.

There is a shower to take, a kitchen to clean, a few other rooms to straighten up, maybe some laundry to fold, a radio station to update, meals to prepare. Children to snuggle. A husband I probably shouldn’t ignore.

In progress

And then there’s this. This pile of scarf parts and apron pieces. That 90 minutes between supper’s end and bed time, I like to squeeze in some time for me when I can. Last night I multi-tasked: I cut out all of the fabric I’d need for three aprons and three scarves while watching a Stargate: SG-1 repeat icon_biggrin-flickr-8-2 And then, during Eamonn’s “special night” I sat with him on the floor enjoying a homemade snack mix, a Backyardigans special episode and a little sewing-on of the buttons.

The result is this stack that needs only some machine time to become six new items for my shop. I love having a pile like this around. All of the measuring and cutting is done, and each scarf only has about 30 minutes of work left on it. Each apron, about 45. While it would be tough for me to squeeze out enough time to make an entire scarf from scratch most days, it’s generally not hard to find 30 minutes. I can even stitch it up while supper is bubbling on the stove, some nights.

This pile may sit on my table for a few weeks, even months, but the fact that it’s there means I have some instant-gratification projects at my fingertips when I want them. I do hope to finish at least one of those projects today, but we’ll see. I’ve got that to-do list to tackle first!

While I’m doing that, why don’t you enjoy my flickr favorites for the last two weeks? The shoes are back, and somehow the tween in me got loose and favorited some cute, cuddly animals…

Favorites week of January 14 & 21


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Promising new day

  1. Hi Lisa – have just come across this great blog of yours – am going to link it into my blogroll as I am in awe of your work etc.,
    Hope to hear from you and follow you regularly.

    1. Thank you, Lunes, that is so nice of you! Welcome!

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