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Snow Day

Tooth #2 downThe phone rang at 5:45 this morning. The voice at the other end was a recorded message, apologizing for the early call, but letting us know that the district was canceling school today due to anticipated inclement weather. Aidan was staying home. It’s always hard for me to get back to sleep after a phone call wakes me up, and that is particularly true on a snow day. I just lay there and wait for the next call.

Family game night

It came at 5:55. Neil‘s boss informed us via an unbelievably chipper recorded message and a “ho ho ho!” that the school where he works was also closing for the day. So Neil, too, was staying home. Two down, one to go.

How'd that get there?

At 7:20, a real live voice from Eamonn’s preschool phone chain informed me that the school would be open today. What? I wasn’t expecting that. I thanked her, called the next person on the phone chain to let them know, and then called Eamonn’s school directly to let them know he wouldn’t be joining them today.

Normally I am not a big proponent of playing hookie. I tend to feel that if you are not sporting a fever of 102 then you’re going to school. But you know what?

  1. This is preschool. He was not going to miss anything life-altering.
  2. The roads were about to become treacherous.
  3. He wouldn’t have reacted well to everyone getting to stay home except for him.
  4. In the hour-and-a-half since the first phone call, the idea of a cozy morning at home in our pajamas had become ultra appealing to me.

So, stay at home we all did.

Snow day

I curled up with a cup of peppermint mocha coffee and the newest book in the Sew What! series: Fleece. (Be prepared for an onslaught of hat-making this winter, I think…)

Snow day

Eamonn spent some time asking me how to spell things for a list he was making. And yes, he does have other pajama pants. He just happens to like these.

Snow day

Aidan and I spent a long time on the couch Elfing Ourselves.  See how we managed to use our most flattering of shots for this?  Should it scare me that it was very easy to find pictures of all of us with our tongues out?

I spent all kinds of time playing with my gravatar until I got one that I was finally happy with that didn’t make me look like I had more facial hair than is socially acceptable (seriously, I don’t think I’m abnormally hairy, but this camera has a way of making every hair stand out. In the future, I either have to figure out the right angle to shoot at, or get familiar with Paint Shop Pro’s airbrushing capabilities).

Here and there I got some work done.  I scanned some covers for some of the store’s fun new arrivals (be sure to check out those Indie Arts magazines – they’re on DVD!), and processed all of the orders in my inbox.  I finally hopped in the shower around 5pm, put my pj’s back on when I was done because, hey, why not?, and then came down to a nice meal that I had no part in cooking.  Yeah, Neil!  He had gone food shopping and came back with things that I don’t normally buy. (Thank goodness somebody around here actually got dressed today.)  We had Thai chicken, a fire in the fireplace, and s’mores.

And I’ve made such a dent in the seat of this couch, I hope I can extract myself and become a contributing member of society once again tomorrow Big Grin

Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I quite enjoyed reading about your pajama day. I also think it was a good decision to keep Eamonn home. It seems odd to me that schools for older children would be closed but not for preschoolers–as though preschoolers are safe from any wayward weather/road dangers. Quite odd that!

    I’ve not heard about the Sew What! series and will have to venture forth via the Internet to discover what it’s all about–inquiring minds want to know and all that. I recently bought the Craft Inc. book and need to get busy reading it.

    The Elf Yourself is ever so fun, isn’t it?

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    1. Eamonn’s preschool is in a different town, so sometimes they call snow days differently. Kind of a pain, if you ask me. And staying home worked quite well for us 🙂

      Sew What! Skirts is an excellent book which inspired me (who was brad new with a sewing machine) to make myself a whole wardrobe of skirts this summer. The series focuses on the idea of sewing without a pattern in order to fit your own unique measurements, and that’s something that really appeals to me.

  2. Sounds like a fun relaxing day. Kinda nice to have those unplanned. Now, if you had many in a row – that’s when it becomes harder! 🙂

    1. Ah, very true. I am fighting to keep myself from falling into that trap today. Everyone is out of the house and at their respective schools this morning, and I am wearing actual clothes rather than pajamas, so those are at least two steps in the right direction!

  3. I always loved when my girls had snow days!!! I was always a bit too quick to keep them home with me. Thankfully they were very “into” school and never asked to stay home unless they were really sick. Sigh…….enjoy these times, they fly by way too fast!

    hehehe….love that you found matching pictures for your elves! Elves with attitude?

    See what ZudaGay has been blogging about: Flower Garden Brooches

    1. I was into school as a kid, too. Even when I went away to college and there was very little parental influence around, it never occurred to me to skip a class. Well, not until Senior year, anyway, when I took up with a rebellious kind of guy for a while and we skipped a really boring logic class together so we could take a drive through the countryside listening to Indigo Girls at top volume. Ah, memories. LOL

  4. Uh…what’s a snow day? Here the kids get “fog” days. No snow here….at least not in the last 9 years.

    Your elfing went well. the kids looks so funny…heck the adults do too.

    Hunker down in front of the fire when this storm hits. Sounds like it is going to be a nasty piece of work.

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    1. Yeah, by all accounts it’s going to be an unpleasant Sunday, weather-wise. Sounds like a good opportunity for some Christmas crafting…

  5. Ah yes, the “snow day.” I was so hoping for one of those so I wouldn’t have to play taxi but nada, nothing, nill. Maybe I should wear my jammies backwards like we did when we were kids or do snow dance or something.

    Yes, I “Elfed Myself” quite frequently this year. But then, I found the joy of “Jib Jab-ing” myself. You should really check out their snowball fight. It’s pretty hilarious. They also have “It’s a Wonderful Life” that you can put your faces in a mini-movie!

    Your family is lovely and the boys have wonderful unique names. I made sure my girls did too (Aubrianne, Ainsley, Amelia). Okay, Amelia’s not too out there but so far I’ve heard of one other Aubrie and no Amelias so how weird is that? And then we have our name, Lisa, and the gazillion other people who share it. We should have our own website – LISA WORLD!

    See what Lisa has been blogging about: Tagged!

    1. Oh, I know! Last year in my son’s 1st grade class there were three mothers with our name. It’s nuts. Funny thing is that I thought we were being unique naming him Aidan, and we were at the time. But within 3 years, it was the #1 boy’s name! I don’t think we’ll see the same population explosion with Eamonn. We picked that one because it was a family name. I like your girls’ names. Amelia was on our list at one point, too, but we never ended up needing a girl’s name.

      And as far as Lisa’s go, my husband’s brother married a Lisa, too last year, so now there are two Lisa Clarke’s in the family. What are the odds that both of my IL’s sons would marry Lisas? It has the potential to get very confusing…

      Now I have to go check out Jib Jab. My kids love Mushy Gushy, if you’re looking for another time draining activity, LOL! They’re especially fond of the musical card “Little by Little.”

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