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Seeing spots

This is you. This lovely Polka Dot Creations blog dot. It’s a nice dot, but does it really convey who you are? Does it express your unique personality? Don’t you want to stand out just a wee bit more?

This is me. I am not a lovely Polka Dot Creations blog dot. Why? Because I don’t want to look like everyone else.  I want all of you to know at a glance what comments are mine.  So I went to and associated this image with my email address.

If you were to do the same, then every time you posted a comment here, your own image would appear next to your comment instead of the lovely Polka Dot Creations blog dot. What an enhancement to our little community it would be if you all shared your unique faces, logos, or whatever you choose to represent yourselves here!

Gravatar stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar,” which means that there are many other places that use them. Any blog does. My email program (Thunderbird) does.  Any self-hosted blog that has installed the right plugin does.  It’s very simple to set up, and then your little logo will follow you all over the internet.

Cool, huh?

Posted on 38 Comments

38 thoughts on “Seeing spots

  1. of course I had to make a gravatar! LOL!

  2. That is so cool! I’m going to have to go make one now!!! Thanks Lisa!

  3. Okay, I’m back. Let’s see if my new Gravatar shows up! Thanks again!!!

    1. Looks like it didn’t quite work… But since it’s showing the Gravatar logo and not the dot, I’m not sure exactly what the problem is.

      Did you rate your gravatar PG or less? I’ve got it set up to not display anything with a “racier” rating than that 😉

      If that’s not the problem, the I’m not sure what else to suggest…

  4. Very odd. I wonder if it takes time? LOL! I’m definitely a “G” rated kind of gal so I might have to contact their support team.

    Thanks for the link to their site though. Too cool!

    1. I just found this verification tool that they have, and when I plug in your email address, it does show me the right picture. Maybe it does just take time…

  5. This is so weird… I did the same thing yesterday, before I read this. 🙂 Cool.

    1. It’s funny – I’ve had this set up here for a while, but nobody seemed to realize it and I thought I ought to do a better job of pointing it out 😉

  6. Here you go. If it works, that’s my kindergarten photo, from 1971? I don’t look too different, just bigger.

    1. Aw, look at Little Penny 🙂 I had that same hair cut…

  7. I had to try it too! Fun!!!

  8. opps, humm….

    1. Did you respond to their verification email? According to their support page, that’s one of the main reasons it wouldn’t work. Spam filters sometimes eat the verification messages before they get to you.

  9. I was just going to search your site here for the previous post about this so I could make one and shazam…you read my mind. Lets see if eye can see you now 🙂

  10. hmmm, I responded to the email, uploaded the image, and checked it and got the G on their site and am still a polka dot here. should I be verklempt or patient….decisions decisions

    1. If you have a big G next to your email address on their site, then something is wrong. It should show your image instead. Does it show the image you uploaded underneath your email address? If so, click on that. It will then ask you to confirm adding it to your email address.

      1. it does, I did and I still can’t get the stinker to show. I have decided I will be verklempt about this and go off to the clay room and pound some clay to get over it.

        btw…do you have Grant’s new book in? Cause iffn ya do I will order it from you.

        See what Kathi has been blogging about: Channukah

        1. Weird.

          My order is late in coming – I only got 8 copies, and I sent them all out as soon as they came in (I didn’t even keep one for me *sniffle*). I am supposed to be getting more today or tomorrow, but that depends on the publisher shipping in time, and UPS getting here in the midst of a snow/ice/sleet storm… If they get here by tomorrow, I can ship them before my vacation. Otherwise, it’ll be January.

          And there, in typical Lisa Clarke fashion, is a long answer where a short one would have sufficed 😉

          1. well…it looks like my eye has appeared 🙂 Now I can see what everyone else is doing.

            I don’t suppose you would let me know if they come in now would ya? *grovel* *whimper* *beg* I don’t want to get it from Amazon or even grant. I wanna spend my money with my favorite polka dot

            See what Kathi has been blogging about: Channukah

          2. Neil just plopped a very very heavy box inside the front door on his way out to the post office… I’ll betcha it’s the books. Too bad I’m entirely too lazy to get off the couch and check it out 😉

          3. You….are a brat!

            SO???? inquiring minds want to know!! I know you were too curious NOT to open the box. And, because I have faith in that….I am off to place the order 😀

          4. I hate to even *admit* to this level of laziness, but honest to goodness, I have not gotten up off of the couch to look at that box. I may get bedsores at this rate.

          5. get off your tush and go look dangit. I just sent my order in!

            Sheesh, do I need to get the cattle prod out?

    1. I agree! I’m enjoying looking at all of these little portraits – not a dot to be found!

  11. ooo I think I fixed da glitch 😀

  12. Please Kathi – enlighten me because I’m still a G! How did you fix da glitch?

    1. well I actually went and beat clay for a couple of hours. I think that was time for their cache to renew for mine, Did you go to your gravatars and select the gravatar you want to associate with the email address? That was one step I forgot to do. Once I did that and their cache refreshed eye could see clearly…as you can see

      See what Kathi has been blogging about: Channukah

  13. Okay, trying one more time. hehehe….Lisa, you are the testing ground here.

    1. All of this testing is making this post my most-commented-on post, second only to the color scheme naming contest post of last month. Funny!

      I do see you now, though. Must have just been a matter of time.

  14. um, nope.

  15. Yep, I went away and thought about it and I think it was because the first one I loaded “skipped” the rating portion and it was rated “X.” Ha! Still laughing about that one…

    1. Rated X qdpatooties? Exactly what kind of “patooties” were you showing, anyway? 😉

  16. Actually, they were named “Nudie Patooties” but for some reason no one wanted to buy them. When you have a mind built by Mattel and a body built by Pillsbury, you should really stick to producing things that are fully clothed…

    1. Haha, funny 🙂 And I hear you about the Pillsbury thing. Wish I didn’t, but these days I really do!

  17. You are right! There I am!! WooHoo, it works! This is so cool, Lisa!!! I was wondering how people got their avitar on their blog comments…now I know. Thank you!!! You are the bestest!!!

    1. My pleasure. I take great pride in knowing I was single-handedly responsible for at least six of us wasting untold minutes of valuable time today playing around with tiny images 😀

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