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Working on the floor

What a drag of a day it’s been. I spent most of it packing orders and they’re still sitting here! Normally it doesn’t take this long to get this many orders through my system, but today I had a few doozies that just didn’t go the normal route. One took me about an hour to deal with. Ugh. I’m glad I decided to do my packing on the floor in the family room today, because it allowed me to hang out with the little people. I caught a few episodes of Arthur that I haven’t seen before. I like that show. And Curious George. I love George. Seriously!

Anyway, I just have postage to print tomorrow morning and then off they go! Whoooosh!

Now on to more inspiring things. Like magazines…

The latest volume of Belle Armoire Jewelry is here, and wow, is it full of inspiration! There are no fewer than ten projects related to either polymer or metal clay. I love Patty Barnes‘ idea of making photo transfers from her grandmother’s china pattern and turning them into jewelry – genius! I’m really big on using old family photos in my work, but I love Patty’s idea because it’s more subtle. And sometimes, let’s face it, it’s just weird to wear somebody’s face on your person, no matter how much you might like them Smile

I’m looking forward to spending more time with this magazine. Oh! and there’s more good news – starting in the Spring of 2008, Belle Armoire Jewelry will become a quarterly publication. That’s nifty: more great articles to read, and more opportunity to submit your own articles, if you’re so inclined.

Speaking of inspiring things to look at…

Polka Dot Creations Color Challenge

Fabric, footwear and clay, are all united by color. Isn’t it pretty? If you haven’t checked out the pool yet, you’ll want to go have a look. In addition to these, there are another 100 or so artsy aqua photos to get your creative juices flowing. And don’t forget – the last day to submit your artwork to the Polka Dot Creations Color Challenge for August is tomorrow, Saturday, August 25th! Sometime after that, I will choose my favorite nine entries (which will not be easy, I can tell already) and of those nine, a winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck!

Favorites week of August 20

And now for this week’s Flickr Favorites… I went a little crazy with them – I guess I was just inspired by a lot of things! Several old cars and a plethora of food this time around. Why so much food? Must have something to do with my effort to cut back on the snacking this week Wink Click on this image and take a look at some of these great photos up close.

So glad the weekend is here – this week has been frustrating weather-wise and business-wise and housekeeping-wise, and I’m really looking forward to shaking the funk I’ve developed and having a nice, creative weekend!


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