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Happy Father’s Day

We kicked off this morning with an actual breakfast… I keep a big “snack bowl” on the kitchen table filled with granola bars & pop tarts, and usually we all just fend for ourselves in the morning, grabbing something from the bowl and going off to do our own things. It’s so odd to see the table set for breakfast, complete with pancakes and fruit, that I just needed to take a few pictures Happy Father’s Day, Neil. Hope you enjoyed your day, and your real honest-to-goodness breakfast!

I also wanted to wish my Dad a happy day. I wasn’t able to visit today, but I hear he was planning on having a rockin’ good time refilling the propane tank for the BBQ grill, and skimming the gunk out of the pool. I hope you got a juicy burger and a relaxing swim out of the deal, at least. We’ll see you next weekend!

This is one of my favorite pictures of us, from 1972.

On another note, I am the featured artist today on the WhiMSy Love blog! Thanks, Nikki, for the interview. I had fun answering your questions! If any of you here want to know a little bit more about me, go have a read!

And now, I have to go catch up on everything I missed in “blogland” today while I was out. I want to be done by the time Neil is finished watching Dr. Who, so we can have a little time together before we both conk out


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