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Tantalizing Crayons

mppc09-flickrHow you seen today’s Polymer Clay Daily post? If not, go ahead. I’ll wait.

Ok? It brought to mind Lindly’s first video, Tantalizing Translucents. The entire video is dedicated to translucent clay and includes projects that take advantage of the see-through nature of the clay (like Mokume Gane) and projects that encourage you to play with inclusions (like the Crayon Pendants featured on the PCD blog today). As was mentioned in the blog, Lindly does have the crayon technique written up on her website, but if you’re a more visual learner, you can watch her demonstrate it on DVD or VHS.

Lindly’s was the first mokume gane I tried, and it’s still my favorite – layers of vaguely-colored translucent clay and metal leaf make for a finished product with gorgeous depth to it.


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