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What do I mean by Millefiori Canes?

20/365: Jan 20 - The first batch of Clayathon hooks

I know that many of you are here because of your interest in the yarny or fabricky things I do, and that sometimes when I talk about my work in polymer, you might not really get what I’m saying. It’s ok. Every craft has its lingo, and sometimes you just need somebody to clarify a […]

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Fun with freebies

19 millefiori 02

It’s Sunday morning, and I am sitting alone in my hotel room, sipping coffee and waiting for my family to join me in a google hangout that they probably have no idea I’ve invited them to. It sounds more needy and sad than it actually is. The coffee is quite delicious, and if I don’t […]

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Clayathon recap

16 clayathon 01

I am home. Yay! I had a great time, claying it up at the ‘thon as usual, but I am glad to be home. We moved to a new hotel this year, and while the work room was much improved over previous years (so spacious!) the hotel itself was on the creepy side. Apart from […]

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Some for me, some for you?

08 hooks 05

Before Christmas I showed you how I went down a crazy path, and made a whole set of coordinating crochet hook handles for myself.  What I never told you was that I tried to use one of the hooks a few hours later, and it was terrible. I’ve heard people say that they are fiercely […]

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Sanded, buffed, and pooped.

Shawl pins

Whew.  Another great clayathon under my belt.  I really have to make sure that I pull my clay supplies out of hibernation more often this year.  In 2010 there were only four times I did any major claywork.  I think the first step is to make my supplies much more accessible.  Setting up and tearing […]

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Weave Cane

Barrettes, sanded and buffed

I’m checking in from the Clayathon.  I made it here in one piece yesterday afternoon, and after about an hour of dithering about, wondering what I should make first, I dove into shawl pins, buttons, and barrettes in two patterns: Grayscale Weave and Swamp Weave.  (Those are the barrettes up there.  The green one got […]

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Picture Winter, week two

Winter Day 8 - Texture seekers

I’m so glad to have an easy blog post to write today.  I’m up to my eyeballs in weekend prep – I’m heading to South Jersey again this year to clay it up with the Polyaddicts.  It’s always a fun time, but since I go both as a participant and as a book store owner, […]

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The shawl pins


My time at the Clayathon ended up being all about the shawl pins.  I’m so glad I tried making a few that first day, because I really loved the way they turned out.  Particularly once I’d spent some quality time sanding them smooth.  And even more so, when I sat down at the buffing wheel […]

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Starting to look like a sweater


Don’t you think?  Once I finish the ribbing at the bottom,  I’ll just need to add the sleeves and the ruffle, and lastly the closure.  The closure is supposed to be crocheted ties, but I am thinking a shawl pin might be a fun option. As luck would have it, I am currently holed up […]

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Half dead battery


Greetings from the Clayathon, where I’m making canes… …and pens… …and buttons… …and barrettes… …and typing to you with less than 15 minutes left on my laptop battery.  Note to self: next trip, don’t forget the power cord!  Note to Melanie: thanks for letting me borrow yours to recharge my battery today! This is everything […]

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