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Clayathon 2020 Show and Tell

Clayathon 2020: Everything I Made

One week ago today I was sitting down at my massive work table in the ballroom of the lovely Seaview Resort in Galloway, NJ, trying to decide what to make first. And in true Lisa Clarke fashion, I left Clayathon 2020 four days later with a bunch of new patterns, and a box full of finished (and nearly finished) goodies.

How about a little show and tell? 🙂

Raw Millefiori Canes

Clayathon 2020: Millefiori Canes

First up is the collection of millefiori canes. I mainly made Jubilee Canes this time around, which are a fun, kaleidoscopic design I came up with a few years ago. You start with three colors, plus a bit of white and a bit of black, and you end up with a veritable rainbow. I always love how these come out. If you are interested in making Jubilee Canes yourself, you can grab the tutorial in the shop.

Eamonn (my almost-17-year-old) helped me name these color schemes. Some resemble the old (old, OLD) color schemes I had back in my Sculpey days, so I just used those names, but the rest needed some creativity.

In the top left is “Circus Jubilee”, and below that is “Circus Tortoise.” (The Tortoise Cane is made with the leftover clay from other cane-making, so generally I have a Tortoise Cane for every other cane I ever make.)  Next to them are “Lapis Jubilee” and “Lapis Tortoise,” “Country Jubilee” and “Country Tortoise,” “Bog Jubilee,” “Bog Tortoise,” and “Plasmatic Jubilee.” Lastly, in the bottom left we have “Lush Jubilee” and “Lush Tortoise.”

Circus and Lush Jubilees are by far my favorites of the weekend, but I love pretty much all of the Jubilee canes for different reasons.

Finished Jewelry and Tools

Clayathon 2020: Bracelets and Rings

I am really loving these bracelets and rings. In fact, if I hadn’t run out of ring blanks, there would be a whole lot more of them in this batch. Fear not, though, I have reinforcement supplies coming 😀

Both of these designs are made by inlaying polymer clay patterns into a brass channel blank, and all of the ones you see here have been added to the shop already.

No products were found matching your selection.

(I have to credit Terri for introducing me to brass channel bracelet blanks. She makes some really cool one-of-a-kind bracelets, many of them carved, very different than what I do. You should check out her work.)

Clayathon 2020: Crochet Hooks, Back Scratcher, Badge Reels, Stick Pens

This next batch of stuff is a mixed bag of works in progress, gifts, and things gone wrong.

In the top left, is a bunch of tiles which will become badge reels once the supplies I need arrive (they’re in the shop anyway, but I can’t ship them right away). Below that is a telescoping back scratcher. It’s a gift, but I’m open to making some for the shop, if there’s interest. Then we have some crochet hooks, which are already in the shop. And finally, some stick pens which warped in the oven. I can’t sell those, but I’ll probably keep for myself the ones that I was able to jam ink into despite the wonkiness of the barrel.

No products were found matching your selection.

Clayathon 2020: Crochet Hooks

Here’s a closer look at those crochet hooks. I’ve already sold a couple, so you might want to get them while they’re hot 😉

Clayathon 2020: Earrings

And last but not least, probably the item I make that I use the most myself: Earrings.

Though, now that I’ve typed that “out loud” I realize it’s probably not true. I don’t wear earrings every day, but I do use a badge reel for my office key every day.

Anyway, I do love little explosions of color dangling from my ears, so earrings like this get plenty of use from me. One of those pictured pairs, in fact, I have quietly set aside for myself. But the rest are up for grabs, and while some of them are not yet in the shop, they will be by the end of the weekend.

Thank You

Thanks for taking a peek at what I’ve been working on. And if you decide to buy something, double thanks to you!

Often I shove the clay supplies back in the corner once I’ve come home from a Clayathon, but I think I still have some more polymer designs in me, waiting to get out. Assuming I can carve out the time, I’d like to apply a few of these new color schemes to Calico canes or Retro canes, I think. And then once I have the new canes, I will have to make some finished goodies with them, of course! So, stay tuned and see if I manage to do it 😀


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