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Vintage sheet extravaganza

Posted May 11th, 2013 by

Do you remember when we did the sheet swap last summer? It all happened right around the same time as Neil’s health issues were cropping up, and so I didn’t get to be as efficient at it as I had liked. And then when it was all over, I took my own precious little stack of sheets and tucked it away in my stash instead of using it on something cool.

Well, here we are 10-ish months later, and I finally dug into that stack. Three Sorbetto tanks, just for me:

Colette Sorbetto Tank made from vintage sheet @lclarke522

Colette Sorbetto Tanks made from vintage sheets @lclarke522This pattern gets easier to make with each one I do. I’m getting much better at darts and bias tape, that’s for sure.

The first top has some neckline issues, as does the third, but neither problem is a deal-breaker. I don’t even intend to fix the blue one. The gold one, though, I think I can improve upon, if I take a few minutes to re-sew that part.

I used custom bias tape where I had enough fabric, and store-bought where I didn’t. I like both looks.

And, bonus! The small pieces I had left of each sheet remnant were perfect for these:

Made By Petchy Baby Dresses made from vintage sheets @lclarke522

These are for my 4-month-old niece. I made them all using the same pattern I have used before: the Made By Petchy Baby Dress. Aren’t they adorable? They’re so quick to whip up, and a great way to use those small pieces of fabric.  I made each one just a tiny bit different from each other, either in the way the ties are threaded through the casing, or at the hemline (one of them is zig-zag stitched).

I wasn’t planning on using all of these swapped sheets for shirt-making, but the cotton lawns I ordered still aren’t here after nearly two weeks, and I just couldn’t wait any longer!  I’ll just have to sew a few more shirts when the fabric finally arrives. You can never have too many handmade summer tops, I say!


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