Spring colors-ish

It’s happening, folks. Spring, that is.  I don’t know what winter was like where you live, but around here it was odd. Odd in a way that very much made up for the previous two years’ exceedingly frigid and snowy winters. Odd in a way that for the first time since I have been blogging, I haven’t felt the need to whine about the weather and pine for spring.

Because of all of that, spring has kind of snuck up on me.  I suppose I expect some suffering before I see crocuses in the front garden, but the crocuses have already come and gone, and now there are new flowers sproinging up all over the place.  It’s so nice, but a little disconcerting. I don’t exactly miss my whining time, but it feels odd to be a week away from April and not feel desperate for some warm weather.

We’ve been enjoying pockets of warm weather since January! I sometimes wonder if the entire state of New Jersey has been picked up and plopped down in South Carolina or somewhere.  Today it’s already 74 degrees at lunch time. Did I mention it’s March? The average high temperature during a New Jersey March is 51. Yes, I looked it up. We haven’t seen a high as low as 51 since sometime in early February, I’d say.

I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s weird. Very weird. (I do think, though, that I’d like to put in my order for another winter like this one in 2013, if I may. I could get used to this.)

So, yes, lots of yellow in my yard right now, and a tiny bit of purple.  I wish yellow did it for me, but I don’t feel springy about yellow. It’s an autumnal color in my mind. Pink. Pink is spring to me.

We have no pink in our yard.

I felt the need to sneak over into my neighbor’s yard this morning and take a few pictures of what I think is a magnolia tree.  Honestly, I don’t know one pink blossom from another. All I know is I like them enough to trespass when nobody’s home. Ahem.

You may notice that the sky is not exactly a natural color. I just can’t help myself. I see pink flowers against a blue sky, and I think “vintage postcard.” And when I think vintage postcard, I think “pale aqua sky.”  I am physically incapable of taking a picture of a pink tree and leaving it alone. There must be photoshopping, and there must be doctoring of the colors.

Sometimes, there must also be an old-fashioned frame and a vintage font to bid you hello.

Hello. And happy spring. I hope you’re seeing some pink where you are, too!

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12 thoughts on “Spring colors-ish

  1. Great Pics! I believe it’s a Star Magnolia. I need to make a mini quilt, do you mind if I use one of those magnolia pictures. It gave me an idea I’m thinking about.

      • I was thinking the last posted pic would look really neat as a mini art quilt. I think it would be a fun challenge to have the front flower clear and the others faded in the background. Also, the branches and buds would be cool to figure out. I just really liked the picture.

  2. Those colors are perfect together. What is the yellow flower?
    While i agree the mild winter was wonderful.. Here in Texas with a high of 82 today i fear the summer temps this year… I may just have to move north for the summer months..

  3. I live in Missouri and we really haven’t had a winter. That makes me sad because I love winter, am NOT a summer person. To much heat, humidity and those gnats!! My good Lord how I HATE gnats….that bit of whining felt good…

    Have a JOYful weekend!!

    • I could do without the humidity, too, but I do prefer the heat to the cold! We don’t have too many gnats in our neighborhood, luckily, but I remember they used to be unbearable where my grandparents lived, a few hours away. Blech.

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