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And there was much rejoicing

From me, anyway. I’d gotten really board with all that stockinette. What am I talking about?  Why, Aidan’s sweater, of course.  Four months after I started it, I am done. DONE! Last night, before I went to bed, I folded up the sweater neatly and left it as a surprise on the corner of his […]

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Crochet hooks, shoes, and knitting

Thank you for ordering crochet hooks this week!  I’m closing up the shop in a matter of minutes, and then I’m ordering my supplies and taking them down south to the Clayathon.  I can hardly wait for the weekend to begin. I’ve got several things I want to work on, mainly your hook orders and […]

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Sassymetrical, but not really

I finally got back to a project I’d started back in October or so: my second Sassymetrical.  Sort of.  I made my first, much in the spirit of the original pattern (i.e. same general shape) but with some modifications to deal with the different gauge of my yarn and the different curves of my body.  […]

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There was a perfect hour or so last night, when all four of us were together in the same cozy space, all working on our own little projects, but still together.  The TV was off, the house was quiet, save for the sounds of acorns pelting the roof, and I just felt very grateful to […]

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On the needles

A slow day at work recently saw me flipping through the knitting books that were out on the table.  I do that often, looking for projects to daydream about.  I have my eye on a few, most notably the lacy skirt from Knitting in the Sun, but even with my shop discount, I still have […]

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