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In progress

If I waited until I had a finished project to show you before I posted, it would be some time before you heard from me again, I suspect.  So I thought I’d show you what I’ve got on the needles, on the hook, and in the sewing pile.  I’ve got about a million in-progress projects that are going absolutely nowhere, so I won’t bother dragging those oldies-but-goodies out.  Instead, I thought I’d concentrate on things I am actively working on.

I don’t usually have so many active projects going on at once, but I guess that’s Autumn for you.  Or for me, anyway.  I get excited about wrapping myself and my loved ones in warm, handmade things, and I can’t help myself.  I start things.  (And sometimes I even finish them.)

In progress

First up, the next Project: Granny Square project, which is going to be two throw pillows for my aunt.  Technically, all of the crochet work is done on these (and has been for at least a month now) and all I have to do is sew some backs onto these granny square fronts & stuff a pillow insert inside.  I don’t really know why I’ve been putting these off – I suspect it’s half an hour or work, tops. If I don’t get to it soon, I’ll just save it for her Christmas present…

In progress

In progress

Next is a project I started back in March: quilts for the boys.  I had finished Aidan’s quilt top a while back, and shared it with you here, but I hadn’t started sewing Eamonn’s at all.  Yesterday I got half of it made, and I hope to have time to finish the other half today.  After that, it’s backs for both quilts, followed by making batting sandwiches, quilting, and binding.  If I concentrate hard on it, I could have them done by the end of next week.

Big IF, that 😉

In progress

The project that’s been getting most of my attention the last few weeks is Aidan’s sweater from Knits Men Want.  It looks like it’s going to be long enough to touch the poor boy’s kneecaps, but that’s ok. He’s due for a growth spurt.

I’ve done the back panel, and am currently working on the front.  After that, it’s hood and sleeves, and then it will all be finished, much to the glee of Aidan and of me.  After two sweaters, I’m eager to get back to some small instant-gratification stuff.

In progress

I work on Aidan’s sweater in front of the TV at night, but I only have so much patience for stockinette.  Once the boredom creeps in, I either force myself to do a few more rows & then quit, or I change gears entirely and make a few granny square centers.  These are destined to become a skirt someday.  At least, that’s the plan.  I’m remaining so laid-back about the completion of these squares, though, it could be some time before they’re done, and it could turn into a different project entirely, too.  I’m flexible.

So there you have it.  Lots of stuff going on, but not a lot getting finished just yet.  How about you?  Got anything fun and exciting in progress at the moment?  I’d love to see what you’re working on!



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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “In progress

  1. It’s reassuring to know that there are others out there like me. I have the anemone purse to install a zipper and it will be done, I have a monster pillow I’m going to try and all I need are the eyeballs, I have boatloads of flannel to make pj pants for the boys, and a skein of alpaca I bought 3 years ago to make a scarf for me…not to discount all the stuff for Christmas I (want) will make.

  2. Okay, one baby quilt finished and mailed, one quilt on the design board, another in pieces in my car, one beginner knitted scarf finished, one beginner knitted scarf began and I’m fighting inspiration everywhere I turn. Better that than those days where nothing is going on. It must be fall. It’s 41 days ’til Thanksgiving. Napkins?

  3. […] up what I should have dealt with yesterday, and maybe there will even be some time left to finish Eamonn’s quilt top.  A girl can dream, […]

  4. May I ask how big those quilt blocks are?

    1. Sure. Each square is ten inches.

      1. Really? They looked so much smaller. I just liked the layout and one of my little ones is asking for a similar quilt.

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