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730 Feet: a retrospective

One Object 365 Days: A Retrospective

I never mentioned Project 365 last week.  As in, I finished it.  As in, I’m done taking pictures of my feet.  As in, I no longer have to consider how my socks and/or pant cuffs will look on camera every morning as I pick out my clothes.

These are some of my favorite shots from the year.  I like how the quality of the photos seems to get better as the year progresses.  That was one of the goals.

But now what?

I’m thinking hands.


Hands exercising in the morning after the kids get on the bus.


Hands preparing to go to the store.


Hands waiting for the school bus in the afternoon.

Seriously, I’ve got sixteen more ideas for hand poses, and that’s just off the top of my head.  I don’t want to commit to another 365 just now, but I think I could go for a 30… A month of hands, perhaps?

I wonder if I were to create a flickr group and invite everyone to spend a month photographing their hands – hands tending children, hands creating art, hands clasping a hot cup of coffee on a blustery day – I wonder if I were to start something like that, if anyone would join me.  Would you?


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “730 Feet: a retrospective

  1. I could try. I take a lot of photos of the kids’ hands. When I see photos of mine then I think of my grandma’s hands and that both makes me happy and depresses me at the same time. Hey! That could be a good blog post.

    scurries off….

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  2. I tried Photo 365 a couple years ago and only got through 4 months, and many of the shots were hop out of bed and find something to photograph before midnight. I like this time-limited challenge and the topic sounds neat. I just moved to a new city (country really) and there’s all kinds of new things that I put in my hands that I could photograph.

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  3. I think I just might. 🙂

  4. And it just occurred to me….

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a month of hands in the winter and a month of hands from the same people in the summer?

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  5. I’m up for a month of hands. Mine aren’t that pretty though 😀 Haven’t painted a nail since Halloween. Of 2003.

    However hands do the coolest stuff. happens in February, too, if you are looking for a time limited thing, so you could sort of tie it together?

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  6. hey I am there. I can *hand*le 30 days 🙂

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  7. I love your brown jacket!

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  8. I think i could commit to 30 days. I have ideas running through my head too. I’m a long time lurker, not so much commenter. Oh, my hands would be a month in the winter as i’m in Canada. Today was a break from our streak of -25C or cooler weather, 24 days of that weather is too long.

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  9. Oh, good! I’m glad to see that if I decide to do this, I won’t be alone 🙂 I’m thinking I’d like to do several of these month-long challenges this year, all with different themes. I like the idea of this being a February thing.

  10. hmmmm, maybe it would encourage me to take better care of my hands… or at least pretty them up for one photoshoot!! 🙂

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  11. Rats, I hit the wrong button.

    OK-whew, where was i…oh yeak, hands, pictures.

    Totally in girl sounds like great fun!

    (I can do it while I am doing the dailymugshot)

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  12. i just so happen to have posted a hand-y pic today… modeling my new fingerless-cabled mitts! woot! 🙂

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  13. I would so join you! Great idea!

  14. […] do you remember back in January when I mentioned that it would be fun to do a flickr project about hands?  Well, I know it’s been several […]

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