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TWiP: Falling behind

This week in Pictures, Week 22, 2020

I’ve backdated this post so it shows up in the right place, but the truth is, it’s nearly a full week late. I am finding that after a long day of Work Work sitting at my desk, it is hard to make my self sit there again for the Fun Work of editing photos, fussing with my website, writing blog posts and the like. So I save these things up until I have hours of things waiting for my attention.

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TWiP: I’m Not Down the Shore

This Week in Pictures, Week 20, 2020

All of the TWiP mosaics from this time previous years involve beach pictures from Ocean City, NJ. This year, for obvious reasons, we had to skip the trip. I’m trying not to dwell on it. There are so many reasons why I love May, and our annual Jersey Shore getaway is only one of them.

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TWiP: Sew Busy

It’s been a stitchy week. I’ve been essentially living and breathing mask-making. I’m getting enjoyment out of the whole process, from the pawing through my stash for the perfect fabrics, to sewing them, packing them, and dropping them in the mailbox (or the pickup box on my front steps for the locals).

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TWiP: Hexies

This Week in Pictures, Week 18, 2020

I’ve been spending every spare moment this week sewing masks. But this post isn’t about this week. This post is about last week. And last week wasn’t so dominated by sewing. It was dominated by a crochet project I undertook for my bedroom.

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