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Introducing the Fireside Cardigan

It’s July. And it’s been super hot around here. In fact, we’re looking at temperatures close to 100F in the next few days! If you’re experiencing a similar phenomenon where you live, chances are you don’t want to think about a working with a pile of wool on your lap. I get it. And to you I say: just bookmark this page, and set yourself a reminder to revisit it in September, when the weather is more civil 😁

If you’re still with me, great! And to you, intrepid knitting soul, I say: check out my new design!

The Short Sleeved Fireside Cardigan

I first came up with this design and knit it back in December. It was originally going to have long sleeves, but I was running out of wool and time before Christmas to get it done, and I made an executive decision to go short. I like it with short sleeves. It makes it wearable between seasons, or in cold weather when paired with a long t-shirt, as I did in these pictures.

I whipped up the matching buttons in polymer clay. It’s so handy to be able to do that. (There are various button-making tutorials around this site, if you’re up for the same.)

I took the glamour shots in February, but by then some of the finer points of constructing this design had slipped my mind. I didn’t feel comfortable publishing the pattern anymore. So I set it aside.

The Long Sleeved Fireside Cardigan

Now, late June seems like an odd time to suddenly decide to knit another prototype. But in my defense, I had just found out my Summer vacation was probably going to be a bit chilly. Of course I needed to knit a cozy sweater to come with me on the trip!

I did this one with long sleeves, and buttons from my grandmother’s collection, and I think it’s going to be a lovely addition to my suitcase. Now, if you ever doubt my dedication to you, just know that I modeled this sweater outside on a 90F-degree day – just so I could show it to you in beautiful natural light. See how much I 😍 you?

Your Turn!

If you would like to knit a Fireside Cardigan yourself, either short sleeved or long, you can grab the pattern from the shop, click the button below, or grab it over at Ravelry.

Thanks, as always, for your support of my pattern-making! If you have any questions about this design (or any of my other tutorials and patterns), please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Knitting!

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